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Tattoo Ink Cups, Holders & Tools

We carry a large assortment of tattoo ink cups and related accessories like ink cup holders, ink mixers, and empty tattoo ink bottles. All of our ink cups are high-quality, but we recommend our Precision line above all others. Our Precision ink cups are individually wrapped in sterile packaging, so you can open one up, fill it, use it, and then toss the whole tray when you're done tattooing. They're great on the go, especially at conventions and when guesting at other shops.

Tattoo Ink Accessories

Tattoo Ink Cups & Cup Holders

Tattoo cups and cup holders are some of the simplest but most necessary tools for tattoo artists. They ensure that you can quickly and easily access a variety of inks as you work and minimize the risk of spills and cross-contamination between different colors. Having a variety of ink cup sizes on hand helps you prevent ink waste, and you can purchase them as individual ink cups or as trays of multiple cups. Ink cup holders are especially helpful for tattoos that require a variety of inks and colors.

Tattoo Ink Tools

We offer quality tattoo ink tools and necessities to facilitate your shop setup and breakdown. Our ink mixers and rinse cups make it easier than ever to start and keep tattooing steadily throughout the procedure; then for the ideal no-mess cleanup, check out the Petrify ink "sponge" polymer, available in bottles and tea bags.

Tattoo Ink Caps vs. Tattoo Ink Cups

Tattoo ink cups and tattoo ink caps are essentially the same product – the name often depends simply on the brand. Both are designed to give you easy access to all the tattoo inks you need while you’re working while keeping the colors separate and preventing spills. At PainfulPleasures, we offer tattoo ink cups in a wide variety of sizes as well as Hive Caps, which can be used individually or snapped together in multiple configurations and come in sizes similar to #9 and #16 ink cups.

Top Benefits of Using a Tattoo Ink Cup Holder

Tattoo ink cup holders keep your various ink cups organized and prevent spills, letting you focus on perfecting your work. We offer holders to accommodate several sizes of ink cups in a variety of configurations as well as finger ring cup holders.

Where to Buy Tattoo Ink Cups & Accessories

Whether you’re looking for ink cup trays, individual ink cups, or ink cup holders, all the tattoo supplies you need are right here at PainfulPleasures. Plus, we offer trays for organizing your ink bottles and the Petrify ink "sponge" polymer, available in bottles and tea bags for convenient clean-up of inky water and other liquids. If you need ink as well, visit our Tattoo Ink section.