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Tattoo Numbing Gel Options

We offer a variety of tattoo numbing gel products for those who prefer gel numbing options over cream or spray alternatives.

Topical Tattoo Numbing Gel

As the name suggests, topical tattoo numbing gels are applied topically to the skin either before or during the tattoo process. Some are meant to be applied to broken skin and can be applied after the first few passes, while others can be applied to unbroken skin before the tattooing begins.

Does Numbing Gel Work for Tattoos?

Yes! Most tattoo numbing gels have lidocaine, a powerful numbing agent, as the active ingredient. Some brands also include Tetracaine to reduce bleeding, swelling, and bruising. Of course, you’ll still want to let your clients know that they won’t feel completely numb and will still feel some of the tattooing process.

That being said, numbing gel can make a big difference to clients who are concerned about the pain of getting a tattoo, and tattoo numbing gel can be a soothing aftercare tool too. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully – some tattoo numbing gels, such as Original Blue Gel Topical Anesthetic, are only meant to be applied to broken skin and should only be used once. Once you’ve confirmed that your numbing gel can be used safely as part of an aftercare routine, simply apply it any time your new tattoo feels itchy or uncomfortable for immediate relief.

What\'s the Best Tattoo Numbing Gel?

Like most products in the industry, every artist and client has their own preferences. However, a few top brands include Ink-Eeze Original B Numb Gel, Tattoo Soothe Gel, and the Original Blue Gel Topical Anesthetic. Each offers different benefits. Ink-Eeze is vegan-friendly, and Original Blue Gel can help reduce bleeding and bruising, and Tattoo Soothe Gel pairs well with other Tattoo Soothe products for complete pain control through the entire tattooing process.

Where to Get Tattoo Numbing Gel

Painful Pleasures offers the top brands in professional-grade tattoo numbing gel, so you know you’re getting a product that’s been tested and approved by other tattooing artists. Wondering where to buy tattoo numbing cream as well? We’ve got you covered there too with our selection of the industry’s best numbing creams.