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Teardrop Gauges

If you\'re looking for unique plugs that make a statement, then you\'ll love our assortment of teardrop-shaped plugs! Shop for organic teardrop plugs crafted from natural materials like horn, bone and a variety of different types of stone, like amethyst and hematite. If you choose one of our teardrop plugs crafted from horn, you should periodically massage a small amount of jojoba oil into the horn portions of your plugs to maintain the material\'s moisture and prevent cracking. You can also wipe down any of our teardrop plugs with a damp cloth whenever you want to clean them, but you should never submerge organic teardrop plugs in water. Doing so may cause some materials to swell and become misshapen.

How to Choose the Right Size Teardrop Plugs

For tips on picking the right sized teardrop plugs, read our How to Measure Organic Body Jewelry article. You can also read our Ear Stretching FAQs for tips that can be applied to stretching any body piercing. For instance, did you know that it\'s best to massage emu oil into the skin around your piercings twice a day for a week leading up to a stretch? Emu oil enhances the skin\'s natural elasticity, making it easier to stretch without causing microscopic tears in your fistula (piercing hole) that could make you susceptible to infection.