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Threadless BioPlast Labret Studs - Threadless BioPlast labret studs are flexible, comfortable and autoclavable alternatives to traditional metal labret studs. You can wear BioPlast labret studs in a variety of piercings, including cheek, cartilage, nostril, and lip piercings. Pair our BioPlast labret studs with any of our unique BioPlast labret tops shaped like elephants, balls, cones and more, or choose a BioPlast labret stud and top set. If you like to change ends frequently, be sure to pick up a couple extra BioPlast labret studs since changing tops too often can wear down the ridges that hold the decorative tops in place.

If you\'d like your BioPlast labret studs to be sterilized and ready to wear when you receive them, add one of our \"Sterilize My Jewelry\" options to cart for each BioPlast labret shaft you purchase. We\'ll autoclave your BioPlast labret studs for you and send them to you in sealed bags.