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Threadless Labret Studs

Threadless Labret Studs - We offer a broad selection of threadless labret studs, including push pin labret studs, BioPlast labret studs, labret pinchers, fishtail labret studs, glass labret jewelry, and acrylic labret piercing retainers. None of the labret studs in this section have traditional external or internal threading. Instead, you either pop the ends into these threadless labret studs, as with our BioPlast labret studs and push pin labret studs, or you just slide the jewelry into your piercing, as with our fishtail labret studs, labret pinchers, and glass labret studs. Threadless labret studs are the simplest types of labret jewelry to insert and take out.

If desired, we can send you your threadless labret jewelry sterilized so it\'s ready to wear as soon as you receive it. Simply add one of our \"Sterilize My Jewelry\" options to cart for each threadless labret stud or extra threadless labret end you purchase, if you want us to autoclave your jewelry for you before shipping it to you.