Eikon ES500 Tattoo Power Supply

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Weight 0.900000
Brand Eikon Device Inc.

ES500 Tattoo Power Supply with Mounting Plate and Footswitch by Eikon

The Eikon ES500 Tattoo Power Supply empowers you, the artist, so you can put your artistic vision at the forefront of your focus. The ES500 is built to last, meet your demands, and make your job easier.

How’s it “built to last?” This power supply’s powder-coated aluminum housing is resistant to drops, bumps, and other accidents — but rest assured, such mishaps are rare, given this power supply comes with a magnetic sticky foot base that latches itself to any surface, including metal. Additionally, this supply has a tactile membrane interface which allows you to cover it with a machine bag and still operate at 100%. Plus, it’s resistant to harsh chemicals and sanitizers.

Don’t be fooled by the Eikon ES500’s compact size. This little powerhouse has all the versatile necessities that make tattooing as efficient as it can be and meet even the choosiest artist’s demands. With valued features like dual machine ports, a variety of presets, and wireless operation, your setup and tattooing experience is totally configurable to your liking. Charge up your smart devices, easily check on your tablet for color reference, and enjoy a traditional tattoo setup or a dual machine procedure – it's up to you!

All the while, make your life as an artist easier and enjoy 360 degree rotational abilities on the OLED white display screen; this means you can adjust the orientation and route your cables any which way based on your workstation and personal setup. You can also enjoy up to 6 customized voltage presets. Needless to say, this power supply is adjustable to meet the needs of you, your studio, and your working style.

The Eikon ES500 comes with a mounting plate + screws, a power adapter, a North American cord set, and a Quick Start Guide card. Use the mounting plate with your favorite GoPro® mount or stand! See below for more technical specifications.


  • Powder coated aluminum housing with anti-slip magnetic foot for a sturdy setup
  • Compatible with traditional coil and rotary tattoo machines
  • Up to 6 voltage custom presets available to save preferred settings
  • 4 Operation Modes: Maintained, Onboard Footswitch, Momentary, or Traditional Footswitch
  • Jumpstart mode allows 0.5v jumpstart for pushing large mags
  • Wireless operation
  • Bluetooth enabled; pair with Eikon Bluetooth Footswitch
  • Designed and manufactured using 95% North American quality components by Eikon in Canada
  • Includes mounting plate + screws (1/4" thread), power adapter, North American cord set, and Quick Start Guide card; global travel-ready

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Supply Dimensions: 2.85” (L) x 2.85” (W); 1.25” (H)
  • Net Weight: 6.2oz
  • Input Voltage: 100–240v, 50–60Hz; 1.2A max
  • Output Voltage: 18v–5A max
  • Features a membrane push-button interface; on-screen indicators
  • OLED white display screen with 360° rotation
  • 5.5mm Power jack
  • Comes with two 1/4" phono jack machine ports
  • Port 1 = Clipcord; Port 2 = Footswitch + Clipcord
  • Comes with two USB 5v ports
  • USB1 = Host + Charger; USB2 = Charger + Power Only


Eikon Power Supply EMS400 Declaration of Conformity PDF

Warranty Information:
Your ES500 Eikon Tattoo Power Supply has a 2-year warranty. Please contact the manufacturer directly if you experience any issues with your power supply.

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