Ink-Out Tattoo Tube Cleaner - Step 2 Clean Station Pro System

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Brand L & R

Ink-Out Tattoo Tube Cleaner - Step 2 Clean Station Pro System

“Ink-Out” is the Second Step in the Clean Station Pro System and is used to clean your tubes. The green color indicates it’s environmentally safe for easy disposal. "Green Means Go" items have been disinfected for safer handling. Liquid formula is easier to use than powder, so there’s no mixing or waiting for it to dissolve. "Ink-Out" Tattoo Ink Cleaner is a concentrated formula and makes 16 gallons of solution.

Tubes and instruments should be first disinfected in UltraDose Germicidal Hospital Grade disinfectant to allow the safe handling of tattoo tubes in the cleaning process.

With the 2 L&R clean station ultrasonic set-ups (Quantrex 90 & Quantrex 140), in addition to the machine and solutions and basket, you receive an auxiliary cleaning pan that sits on top of the ultrasonic. This pan allows the shop to use one solution in the actual machine (the Ink-Out solution) and a second solution in the pan (UltraDose) which will sit on top of the ultrasonic.

For those that may already have an ultrasonic, but want the benefits of the 2-step cleaning & disinfecting process, you may use the UltraDose in a small bucket or container and soak the tubes before ultrasonically cleaning them with the Ink-Out Solution.

The UltraDose should be changed every day or every other day. The changing of the Ink-Out solution will vary depending on how many tubes have been cleaned and how dirty the solution gets.


  • Size: 1 Quart
  • Environmentally safe
  • Concentrated formula
  • Liquid Formula
  • Manufacturer: L & R
  • See directions below
  1. This product is a concentrate: dilute 1 part to 30 parts water.
  2. Use Directly in ultrasonic machine.
  3. To clean, place parts in the accessory basket.
  4. Insert basket in ultrasonic tank filled to 2/3 full of properly diluted solution
  5. Run ultrasonic machine until tubes are free of ink.
  6. After ultrasonic cleaning, plunge tubes with wire brush using cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly under running water.
  7. Sterilize tubes in autoclave prior to use. 

Material Safety Data Sheet:

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