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#12 Standard Magnum — Precision Needles — Box of 50 Premade Sterilized Tattoo Needles

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Magnum - 5 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


83 available



Magnum - 7 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


175 available



Magnum - 9 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


75 available



Magnum - 11 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


69 available



Magnum - 13 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


51 available



Magnum - 15 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


57 available



Magnum - 21 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


53 available



Magnum - 23 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


90 available



Magnum - 25 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


29 available



Magnum - 29 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


43 available



Magnum - 35 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


88 available



Magnum - 49 - #12 (0.35mm) - Short Taper (2mm)


11 available

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Precision #12 Standard Magnum Premade Sterilized Tattoo Needles on Bar — Price per Box of 50 Needles

Precision Needles has set the standard for quality and performance of tattoo needles in the industry, providing artists with the sharpest, durable needle points and offering maximum tattoo ink insertion. Precision tattoo needles are manufactured from 304 stainless steel with the addition of tin made with silver, not lead, to ensure the needles bars never rust. Each needle is finished with a fabric wheel, cleaned with water instead of chemicals to remove traces of dust, and polished for the best quality look and performance.

This listing is for a box of #12 Standard Magnum premade tattoo needles. These needles have a #12 (0.35mm) diameter and a 2mm long taper. The needle groupings range from 5 points to 49 points; please select your desired size from the drop-down menu above. The needle type is Standard Magnum (M1) and the needle has a Long Taper (2mm). Each needle is Ethylene Oxide (EO) gas sterilized, individually packaged, and labeled with the needle type, lot number, expiration date, and compatible tube/tip.

Please Note: You will receive one box of 50 needles in the Needle Grouping you choose; however, 29 Magnum and 35 Magnum come in a box of 30, and 49 Magnum comes in a box of 25.

Learn more about the Precision Tattoo Needle System in the Precision Needle Technical Manual. Please use the tip compatibility chart to determine which tube/tip is compatible with this needle size and others.

Please Note: Our current inventory of the following groupings have the following expiration dates. These needles are new and unopened, but must be re-sterilized prior to use. All sales for these groupings are final.

Needle Grouping Expiration Dates
1221M1 07/2017
1223M1 07/2017
1225M1 07/2017
1229M1 02/2017
1249M1 11/2016, 07/2017

  • Needle Type: Standard Magnum (M1)
  • Needle Diameter: #12 (0.35mm)
  • Needle Points: 5 points to 49 points
  • Needle Taper: Long Taper (2mm)
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Polished
  • Compatible Tube/Tip: Flat Tip (F)
  • Ethylene Oxide (EO) gas sterilized and individually packaged
  • Price per one box of 50 needles (29 Magnum and 35 Magnum come in a Box of 30, and 49 Magnum comes in a Box of 25)

Precision Tattoo Needles Technical Manual

Needle and Tube/Tip Compatibilty Chart
Product Weight: 0.35 lb

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