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Artist Series — Precision Cartridge Needles — Box of 20

$19.99 $19.99 Pro Price
$19.99 $19.99 Pro Price
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      Black Rabbit Signature 0603 Tight Round Liner - 3 - #06 (0.20mm) - Long Taper (5.5mm)
    • Regular price $19.99 Pro Price
      Edwin Ramirez Signature 0803 Tight Round Liner - 3 - #08 (0.25mm) - Long Taper (5.5mm)
    • Regular price $19.99 Pro Price
      Juan Carlos Montoya Signature 0805 Tight Round Liner - 5 - #08 (0.25mm) - Long Taper (5.5mm)
    • Regular price $19.99 Pro Price
      Gustavo Colantuono Signature 0811 Tight Round Liner - 11 - #08 (0.25mm) - Long Taper (5.5mm)
    • Regular price $19.99 Pro Price
      Demian Ballesteros Signature 0809 Curved Magnum - 9 - #08 (0.25mm) - Long Taper (5.5mm)


    One Box of 20 Artist Series Cartridge Tattoo Needles by Precision — Liners and Magnums

    Precision Cartridge Needles provide an unrivaled stable and consistent tattooing process.

    The Precision Artist Series is a stylish and must-have collector’s set. Each unique Artist Series box boasts an original design by a featured artist who is a proud user of Precision cartridges.

    Each cartridge is manufactured from polycarbonate material, which is the sturdiest and most durable plastic available for a cartridge shell; this composition minimizes the risk of needles cutting the plastic during the tattoo process. Each cartridge is also specially designed for unparalleled needle and tip compatibility. Other cartridges on the market typically offer one size tip, 0.35mm, that fits with 0.30mm and 0.25mm diameters. Precision cartridges, on the other hand, have a unique designed tip for each needle diameter.

    Another feature that makes these cartridges distinguishable from other cartridges on the market is their ability to have magnum needles sit on the tip without twisting. Additionally, the Precision round liner and shader cartridge needles are constructed with a precisely molded stabilizer to minimize shaking for an even tension.

    This listing is for one box of 20 Artist Series cartridge needles by Precision. These cartridge needles come in Tight Round Liner and Curved Magnum configurations with a 5.5mm taper. Each cartridge has a color-coded backing to indicate what type it is.


    • Needle Diameter: #6 (0.20mm), #8 (0.25mm)
    • Needle Type: Tight Round Liner (RLXT), Curved Magnum (M1C)
    • Needle Taper: 5.5mm
    • Constructed from durable polycarbonate material
    • Consistent membrane tension
    • Unique design for perfect needle/tip compatibility
    • Liner and shader needles constructed with stabilizer for even tension
    • Magnum needles sit on the tip without twisting
    • Color-coded backings to indicate needle configuration
    • Sterilized and individually packaged for single use only
    • Price per one box of 20 needle cartridges

    Precision Cartridge Needle Sterilization Certificates

    Featured Artists:
    Black Rabbit — 0603 Tight Round Liner
    Edwin Ramirez — 0803 Tight Round Liner
    Juan Carlos Montoya — 0805 Tight Round Liner
    Gustavo Colantuono — 0811 Tight Round Liner
    Demian Ballesteros — 0809 Curved Magnum

    Product Weight: 0.3 lb

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