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Tattoo Kits & Tattoo Practice Skin

Tattoo Kits & Practice Skin

Every successful tattoo artist has their own style, their own equipment preferences, and their own artistic process for defining and executing their vision. But every successful tattoo artist also has something in common: they’ve developed their specific style, preferences and process through countless hours of practice. Like any other craft, tattooing requires focused and dedicated practice in order to reach mastery of its stills and techniques. But unless you’re willing to cover yourself in ink or have an endless supply of willing volunteers, it can be hard to get as much tattooing practice as you want. That’s where tattoo practice skin comes in.

Types of Tattoo Practice Skin

For years, budding tattoo artists have inked up oranges and bananas to sharpen their skills. But it’s the 21st century, so put down the fruit and pick up some professional-grade tattoo practice skin instead. The best tattoo practice skin closely mimics the texture, feel and responsiveness of real human skin, allowing you to hone your skills more quickly and accurately than ever before.

A Pound of Flesh is the undisputed leader in manufacturing realistic, responsive, and anatomical tattoo practice skin. Whether you’re looking for a large practice skin for big pieces or a small practice skin for intricate detail work, A Pound of Flesh products give you the ability to stencil and ink your designs as if you were working on a real client. Their gallery series of tattoo practice skins also provide a ready-made display frame to show off your work in your shop or home. If you want an eye-catching conversation piece to ease your clients into their session, try out the tattoo practice guinea pig. For practice working on the contours and shapes of specific areas of the body, A Pound of Flesh also offers anatomical tattoo practice skins of hands, feet, arms, breasts, faces, and heads.

For more affordable alternatives, we also carry Precision 2nd Skin flat tattoo practice skins in 4”x4”, 6”x6” and 11”x14” sizes, as well as tattoo practice skin kits that offer tremendous value. Tattoo practice kits from A Pound of Flesh feature one small tattoo practice skin as well as needles, tubes and an assortment of expired inks, while Precision kits include two small practice skins as well as needles, a book of tattoo flash art, instructional DVDs and an assortment of expired inks.

Whether you’re just starting a career as a tattoo artist or you’re a seasoned professional looking to experiment with new styles, inks or equipment, PainfulPleasures carries the best tattoo practice skin on the market at some of the best prices you can find online. For even more tips and info about using tattoo practice skin, check out our article on benefits and tips for using tattoo practice skin.