Septum Piercing Jewelry & Nose Jewelry

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Septum Piercing Jewelry & Nose Jewelry

Septum Jewelry & Nose Jewelry

Nose jewelry has a long history in societies as diverse as Indian, North African, and Middle Eastern, and Native American cultures. Today, septum jewelry and nose rings have become popular fashion accessories, in part thanks to celebrities such as Zendaya embracing the piercing style.

What Is Septum Piercing Jewelry?

The septum is the little piece of cartilage in the nose that separates your nostrils. A septum piercing doesn't go through the cartilage — the needle pierces the little piece of flesh just in front of the septum. Septum jewelry is then threaded through the piercing.

What Is the Best Type of Nose Piercing Jewelry?

The best nose jewelry is the style you want. Nose rings are very popular, but some people prefer labret nose studs, which sit flat inside the nostril with small jewels on the outside of the nostril.

Nose rings come in several different styles. Horseshoe septum jewelry consists of a U-shaped post with beads screwed onto each side, and are often the first jewelry worn as the septum piercing heals.

Seamless nose rings are circular nose jewelry that look like an unbroken loop. In fact, there is a subtle break in the ring that is used to install and remove the piercing. Septum clickers look similar to seamless septum rings, but have a small section on a hinge for easy removal. Captive bead nose rings, in contrast use the pressure from both sides of the ring hoop to hold a bead in place.

In addition, you can choose septum tusks, a type of bent barbell that ends in sharp-looking points. Septum tusks are a type of tribal jewelry that originated in North Africa.

What Size Septum Ring Do You Get Pierced With?

Most septum piercings are intended for jewelry with a 16 gauge, meaning the diameter of the nose ring is approximately 1.2mm thick. Depending on your septum and personal preference, you may opt for a thinner 18g ring (approximately 1 mm thick) or a 14g, which is about 1.6mm thick.

What Is the Best Metal for Nose Jewelry?

Septum jewelry materials should be chosen carefully, especially if you have sensitive skin or metal allergies. Titanium nose rings and surgical steel nose rings are often used in nose jewelry as both metals are highly biocompatible and considered hypoallergenic.

Sterling silver nose rings and gold nose rings and septum jewelry make elegant statements when used as nose jewelry, although neither metal is as biocompatible as stainless steel or titanium. For people who cannot wear metal jewelry, Bioplast nose rings provide an attractive alternative.

Popular Septum Nose Ring Jewelry Styles

Nose rings come in a wide array of seemingly endless styles, colors, and shapes. If you favor simple piercings, a titanium fixed ring or Yellow Gold Circular Barbell might be right for you. If you want something more ornate, consider an Opal Oval Fan Steel Septum Clicker or a Rose Gold V-Shaped Tiered Clicker. For a more playful feeling, go for an alien or bat-themed nose ring. And, of course, large septum tusks always make a statement.

Nose jewelry brands include Elemental Organics, Gorilla Glass, Unbreakable, and our own PainfulPleasures lines.

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