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Custom Tunnels - Our Elementals Evolved custom tunnels are handmade in our Hanover, Maryland, workshop to your specifications. Choose your preferred style of custom tunnels, the type of exotic wood from which you want them crafted, your desired wearable area and gauge, and other product specifications, and we\'ll hand-craft a stunning pair of custom tunnels just for you when we receive your order. Choose from thin-walled and thick-walled custom tunnel options crafted from a variety of unique types of wood, like blood wood, Gabon ebony wood, zebra wood, Osage orange wood, and more.

You should clean your custom tunnels weekly by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Never submerge them in water, though, or the wood may swell and become misshapen. Periodically massage a small amount of jojoba oil or tea tree oil into your custom tunnels to maintain moisture and prevent cracking.

If you\'re interested in creating your own customized tunnels, check out our Insert-Ability Tunnels. You can mix and match your preferred style of tunnel with a variety of different inserts to create your own unique look. You might also be interested in our Limitless custom plugs, which allow you to create attractive plugs featuring your photos or laser-engraved artwork on your choice of plugs.