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Nose Rings & Piercing Jewelry

Painful Pleasures brings you a handpicked selection of nose rings, septum jewelry, and more. 

Expressing Your Style With Nose Rings

Perfect your piercing setup with our collection of nose rings and other nose piercing jewelry, diverse enough to cater to any taste and personality. At Painful Pleasures, we offer a diverse range of nose jewelry, including nose bones, nostril screws, nose hoops, fishtail nose rings, nose studs, and more. Whether you want a simple stud or something edgier, you'll find the perfect piece to complete your look here.

Types of Nose Jewelry

From hoops to screws and everything in between, if it’s nose piercing jewelry, you’ll find it here

Nose Screws

Nose screws have a pre-bent end that you screw into your nostril piercing until the decorative top rests against your nostril.

Nose Bones

Nose bones are straight pins with slightly bulbous bottoms that are small enough to fit through your nostril piercing but large enough to hold your jewelry in place.

Fishtail Nose Rings

Fishtail nose rings are long, straight pieces of nose piercing jewelry that can be bent to perfectly fit your nose. Read our How to Bend a Fishtail into a Nose Screw article to learn how to turn our fishtail nose piercing jewelry into custom-fit nose rings.

Nose Hoops

Hoop nose rings come in a range of styles, including segment nose rings, seamless hoop nose rings, and other styles of captive rings for nostril piercings. Hoops are the most popular choice for septum jewelry, and nearly any type of hoop, from clickers to captive bead rings, can function as a septum hoop. Shop for 20g-16g seamless and segment hoops here, or visit our Captive Rings section to see our entire selection of hoops in every size and style we offer. 

Labret Nose Studs

Many piercers now use labret studs as starter nostril piercing jewelry since the longer length is ideal for accommodating the initial swelling. If you're interested in purchasing labret studs to wear as a nose stud, visit our Labret Jewelry section. (You may also want to purchase a threaded taper to make it easier to insert a labret stud in your nostril piercing by yourself.)

Choosing the Right Nose Ring or Other Jewelry For You

At Painful Pleasures, we understand that body jewelry is highly personal, and everyone has unique preferences and needs for their nose jewelry. To help you make an informed decision, consider the following factors:


Most piercers use an 18 gauge needle for nose studs and piercings. After the initial healing phase, many people like to wear smaller, 20g jewelry. You can try different gauges to see what feels comfortable and secure for you.

Jewelry Material

The material of your nose jewelry plays a significant role in both aesthetics and comfort. We offer a wide range of materials, including surgical steel, titanium, gold, and luxurious platinum. Stainless steel is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. Titanium is the most biocompatible and ideal for those with sensitive skin. Gold and platinum are high-end choices, perfect for those seeking ultimate quality and longevity.

Personal Style

Your nose jewelry is a form of self-expression. Choose a style that resonates with your individual taste and complements your overall look. Our styles range from understated to elegant to eye-catching. If you’d like your nose jewelry to have additional embellishments, our nose ring studs come with various decorative tops, including gemstones, diamonds, and quirky charms.

Learn More About Nose Rings & Studs

Want to learn more about nose piercings before you head to piercer? Or want to explore the different nose piercing locations and jewelry types? Our Ultimate Guide to Nose Rings and Nose Piercings covers everything you should know, from rare types of nose piercings to aftercare to jewelry types. When you’re ready to expand your collection of nose jewelry, be sure to shop Painful Pleasures for one of the largest selections of high-quality, affordable nose piercing jewelry.