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$849.99 $849.99 Pro Price
$849.99 $849.99 Pro Price
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Fellowship Tattoo Workstation 4701

Fellowship Tattoo Workstation 4701


$849.99 $849.99 Pro Price
$849.99 $849.99 Pro Price
Sale Out of Stock
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Complete Tattoo Workstation by Fellowship — Model 4701

Nothing distracts from your artistic vision like clutter and disorganization; so keep things organized, comprehensive, and ready-to-go with this complete Tattoo Workstation by Fellowship.

The 4701 Workstation features an electric socket and USB ports for easy connectivity. With a hidden plug at the back and pegs to hold wires, keeping trailing wires and cables out-of-sight and out-of-mind. It also has a holder for your stainless steel medical trays, which can be height adjusted and rotated 360 degrees. Utilize ample storage space with lockable drawers and a handy space for holding your gloves.

Easily maneuver the Fellowship Workstation 4701 around your studio with its reliable, universal roller wheels; two wheels are lockable. Plus, its durable stainless steel precision-cut surface gives it a sleek, polished look that will up the modernized look of any shop or studio.

With ample storage space, full adjustability, and no-distractions attachments, it’s time to do away with common setup issues and focus on your creativity. Get organized today!


  • Workstation Model 4701
  • Net Weight: 184lb
  • Sturdy iron construction with high quality stainless steel accessories
  • Equipped with four lockable drawers for storage
  • Two additional drawers on right and left side of station
  • Polished stainless steel panel top
  • Equipped with electric sockets and USB port + sunken plug behind the table
  • Equipped with 4 universal wheels; two are lockable
  • Features pegs behind the table for holding and organizing electric wires
  • Features pegs on both sides of station for hanging equipment
  • Comes with additional space for holding tattoo gloves
  • Comes with 360° rotational holder for steel medical trays; height adjustable

Product Dimensions:
Length: 31”
Width: 24”
Height: 32”

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