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Ink Machines Stingray X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine — Pick Color

Ink Machines Stingray X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine — Pick Color


$659.99 $659.99 Pro Price
$659.99 $659.99 $560.99 Pro Price
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      Blazing Gold
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      Cyanide Cyan
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      Evil Black
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    Stingray X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine by Ink Machines Sweden

    Ink Machines took what they’ve learned from building machines for years and improved on the original Stingray rotary tattoo machine to bring artists the Stingray X2. The X2 model features aircraft quality 7075 aluminum construction likes its predecessor. It is incredibly lightweight at only 90g and ergonomically designed with reduced vibrations.

    The Stingray X2 has an all new high energy efficient Swiss motor with a 6W mechanical output. This new motor was exclusively designed for the X2 models, making this Stingray more powerful than ever. The Stingray X2 features more advantages than other machine types for easier and more absolute control, one of them being the new patent pending Desmodromic roller cam system. This system gives the artist full linear control at variable speeds while still being able to produce a defined needle motion. This ability makes the Stingray X2 ideal for lining and color packing work. The Stingray X2 comes with a new stainless steel 4mm stroke cam that is designed to be more durable and have improved performance. The new Desmodromic system allows the artist to control the characteristics and behavior of the machine and needle speed with changing the cam. The Stingray X2 also features an improved stable give adjustment with an all new cap and built-in damper.

    Most power supplies can be used with the Stingray X2, which has both an RCA and clip cord connection. The Stingray X2 is also wireless ready and compatible with the Ink Machines RPS-600 Wireless Power Supply. It accepts standard grips, tubes, and needles, but with quick access to the stay up spring, the Stingray X2 can be easily converted to use cartridge needles.

    The Stingray X2 is available in four unique colors: Blazing Gold, Cyanide Cyan, Evil Black, and Slime Green. Each machine comes with an oil lubricant and Allen key kit.

    Please Note: Before using cartridge needles with this machine, the stay-up spring must be removed to prevent strain on the motor. The Stingray X2 model features a lid in the frame, which permits convenient access to the stay-up spring. Thus, artists can easily remove the spring and switch between standard and cartridge needles.

    • Ink Machines Sweden Stingray X2 – Liner/Packer
    • Machine Weight: 85g
    • High durability, aircraft quality 7075 aluminum
    • Dimensions: 95mm (L) x 21mm (W) x 77mm (H)
    • New standard stainless steel 4mm stroke cam
    • Suspension stroke: 0 – 2mm
    • New high energy efficient Swiss motor with 6W mechanical output
    • Input voltage: 0–13V DC (max 13V DC)
    • RCA and clip cord connection ready; maximum clip cord end diameter: 1.6mm
    • Oil lubricant and Allen key kit included
    • Accepts standard grips, tubes, and needles
    • Compatible with most power supplies 0 – 13V
    • Wireless ready for Ink Machines RPS-600 Wireless Power Supply
    • Laser engraved with serial number
    • Maximum Tube Diameter: 8mm
    • Maximum Needle Size: 50 Mag
    Key Features:
    • 100% control with new patent-pending Desmodromic roller cam system
    • Lightweight, ergonomic design
    • Eliminates need for rubber bands
    • Exchangeable cams
    • Easy conversion between cartridge and standard needles
    • Improved stable give adjustment with new cap and built-in damper
    • Smooth performance with lowered vibrations
    Ink Machines Stingray X2 Manual PDF
    Product Weight: 0.35 lb

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