Bent Barbell & Curved Barbell Jewelry

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Bent Barbell & Curved Barbell Jewelry

Curved & Bent Barbells

Curved barbells, also called bent barbells, are among the most popular types of body jewelry. Available in a range of stunning styles and sizes, all bent barbell jewelry follows the same basic form: a curved center post with threaded beads at each end. The beads may have external threads, where the bead is screwed onto the outside of the post, or internal, where beads are screwed into the post. 

Typical Uses for Curved Barbells

Curved barbell piercing is most often used for the eyebrows, vertical labret, belly button, inner ear piercings, labret piercings, and frenum. For the more adventurous, a bent barbell may also be used for a Prince Albert or Christina piercing.

A curved barbell can be used for flat body and nipple piercings, but they are not as popular on such locations as straight barbells, labret studs or dermal studs

The location of bent barbell piercings determines the gauge or thickness of the barbell post (larger gauge numbers indicate thinner barbell posts). 18 to 20g gauge bent barbells are popular choices for nose, cartilage, and ear piercings, while 14g to 16g posts are better suited for belly button, eyebrow rings, nipple and septum piercings.

J-Bar Curved Barbells

While the basic form of curved barbell jewelry includes a post and two beads, different styles are available. The J-Bar, for example, consists of a curved barbell with a curve in the bend two-thirds of the way that creates a J shape. J-bars are popular choices for Christina piercings and belly button jewelry.

Popular Curved & Bent Barbell Materials

Of the many available materials used for curved barbell piercing, the best is titanium, which is biocompatible (meaning the body will not mistake the barbell for a foreign object and try to reject it). Titanium is the metal of choice for surgical implants due to its high biocompatibility, and can be anodized to create a range of color options.

While not as biocompatible as titanium, stainless steel is also an excellent bent barbell material. Unlike titanium, implant-grade stainless steel contains metal alloys the body might reject, but the alloys are trapped within the metal and not released. Stainless steel is a relatively heavy metal, so bear this in mind when choosing curved barbell jewelry. Sterling silver, niobium, and 14kt gold are also options for curved barbell piercings.

Where to Buy Curved Barbell Body Jewelry

Decorative features on bent barbell jewelry range from bright princess-cut opal beads to adorable bunny belly button rings. Brands include Gorilla Glass, and Unbreakable, as well as our own extensive brand of PainfulPleasures.

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