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Wood Hangers

Wood Hangers - Our selection of wood hangers includes options for both those with stretched lobes and standard ear piercings. Our stirrup style wood hangers (also called "cheaters") have the look of large gauge earrings, but with a post that will fit most standard-size earlobe piercings. For those with stretched lobes, we offer an assortment of stunning hand-carved wood hangers made from Saba wood, black wood, blood wood, tamarind wood, and a variety of other types of wood. Nearly all of our wood hangers are hand-carved, which means that no two are exactly alike. When you purchase a pair of wood hangers, though, we do our best to pair up the two that look most alike.

Please note that not all of our wood hangers are sold in pairs. If you find a wood hanger you like that's labeled as "price per 1" in the product name and/or description, you'll need to order two if you want a set. If you see "price per 2" in the product information, you'll automatically get a pair when you order one set.