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Acrylic Tunnels - We offer an assortment of acrylic tunnels and other plastic tunnels, like soft, flexible ones made from PTFE and hard plastic threaded tunnels. Shop for acrylic tunnels and other plastic tunnels in vibrant colors, like yellow, red, orange, and green acrylic tunnels, as well as plastic tunnels in shades like metal gray, white, black and white marble, and other unique color combinations.

You can clean your acrylic tunnels by washing them in warm, soapy water, rinsing them thoroughly, and patting them dry with a clean cloth. If you\'d like us to autoclave your acrylic tunnels for you, just add one of our \"Sterilize My Jewelry\" options to cart for each plastic tunnel you purchase.

Tip: A week before stretching your ears or other piercings, massage a small amount of emu oil into the skin around your piercing(s) twice a day. This will increase your skin\'s natural elasticity and make it easier for you to stretch without damaging your skin. For more tips that can be applied to stretching any piercing, read our Ear Stretching FAQs.