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Ear Weights & Hangers

Traditionally, ear hangers are large gauge earrings worn in stretched lobes that hang below the earlobe, hence the name \"hangers\". They may be dangle large gauge earrings, thick spirals, U-shaped large gauge earrings, or other large gauge earrings in a variety of other styles. In this section, we\'ve included all of our traditional ear hangers, which are primarily made from organic materials and available in larger sizes. We\'ve also included some of our smaller large gauge earrings in the 12g-16g range, some of which are also available in larger sizes.

Types of Ear Hangers and Weights

You\'ll find a wide variety of ear hangers in different styles to suit every taste here, with options ranging from hoops to spirals to traditional hand-carved ear hangers made of bone, horn and a variety of other natural materials carved into stunning shapes. You\'ll even find large gauge jewelry filled with colorful liquid that swishes as you move. Whatever type of ear hangers you\'re interested in buying, you\'re sure to find the perfect ones here.

Please note that not all of our ear hangers are sold in pairs. When you find a style you\'re interested in buying, look for \"price per 1\" or \"price per 2\" in the product name and/or description to find out if you need to order just one to get a pair or if you need to add two to cart to get a complete set for your stretched earlobe piercings.