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EGO Tattoo Machines - Ego rotary tattoo machines are designed by world-renowned, award-winning tattoo artist Richard \"Bez\" Beston of Triplesix Studios in Sunderland, England. Bez\'s line of tattoo equipment now includes three superior rotary machines: the Little Ego V2, the Apex Overkill, and the Apex Nano. All three machines weigh in at well under 1/2 lb., making them some of the lightest rotary tattoo machines on the market.

The Little Ego V2 is encased in high-quality, scratch-resistant plastics protected by a special UV coating that makes them super easy to clean. Every Apex Overkill and Apex Nano is carved from a solid block of durable aircraft-grade aluminum. All three models utilize another of Bez\'s remarkable inventions: The Power Triangle System. Each machine is sold with several triangles comprised of different rubber densities that are indicated by the color of the triangles. Bez\'s power triangles allow tattoo artists to alter the give of their Egos easily for lining, shading or color packing just by mixing and matching different colored power triangles. They simulate the traditional spring effect that coil machines have and give tattoo artists the ability to use rotary machines with the same flexibility and reliability as coil machines.

In addition to the Power Triangle System, the Ego line of tattoo equipment also offers tattoo artists choices in complementary tattoo grips. You can currently choose between Bez\'s Alpha Style Ego Bio Grips in 3 autoclavable options (regular Bio Grip with lip, regular without lip, and a smaller version) and disposable Ego Hawk grips, which allow you to use Cheyenne Hawk cartridges with any rotary tattoo machine, including Ego tattoo machines. The Ego Hawk grips come in two shapes, so you can find the best one to fit your hand, as well as two color choices: the BioHawk in blue or gray and the Hawkflow in blue or gray.

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