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Gold Captive Rings - We offer a unique assortment of gold captive rings that includes traditional gold captive bead rings, gold seamless rings, gold segment rings, gold clickers (hinged rings), gold daith rings, and other gold hoops and specialty gold captive rings like hearts and half moons for ear, septum, lip, and other piercings. Choose from gold captive rings with and without jewels, 14k white or yellow gold captive rings, gold plated captive rings, rose gold captive rings, and more.

Note: Many of our gold captive rings are sold individually (price per 1), so if you want a pair, make sure to order two if you see \"price per 1\" in the product name and/or description. If you\'d like us to send you your gold captive rings sterilized, simply add one of our \"Sterilize My Jewelry\" products to cart for each ring you purchase. We\'ll send it to you in a sealed bag that will keep your gold captive ring sterilized until you open it.