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Gold Jewelry - Labret Jewelry

Gold Labret Jewelry - We offer a large selection of gold labret jewelry that includes pop-fit style gold labrets, internally-threaded gold labret studs, BioPlast labret studs with gold ends, and a large selection of unique gold ends for all the different styles of labret studs we carry. Shop for the perfect gold labret jewelry to wear in your labret piercing, Monroe piercing or other lip piercing, tragus piercing, other cartilage piercings, and even nostril piercings. Whether you\'re looking for gold star labret ends, gold labrets with custom-made ends in unique shapes like bumblebees and dragonflies, or another style of gold labret jewelry, you\'re sure to find the perfect pieces here.

If you\'d like, we can sterilize your gold labret jewelry for you before shipping it to you. Just add one of our \"Sterilize My Jewelry\" options to cart for each piece of gold labret jewelry you purchase, and we\'ll send it to you in sealed bags that will keep your gold labret jewelry sterile until you open the bags.