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Elementals Organics Horn Pinchers & Stirrup Horn Earrings - If you\'re looking for unique horn jewelry to expand your collection, you\'re sure to love the horn septum pinchers and stirrup horn earrings from our Elementals Organics collection. In addition to making great septum jewelry, our horn pinchers can be worn as earrings in stretched lobes and nipple piercings. Our horn cheaters make awesome earrings for those with slightly-stretched earlobe piercings. The picks that come with each pair of stirrup horn earrings are tapered, and the central area that goes through the lobe is in the 16g-14g size range. If your ears are stretched beyond 14g, you can wear our stirrup horn earrings, too; they look great dangling from tunnels. Whichever option you choose--whether you pick a pair of stirrup-style horn earrings, a horn pincher, a pair of pinchers, or both styles of organic jewelry--you\'ll be getting some of the best horn jewelry on the market at an affordable price.

Need replacement picks for your horn cheaters? We have those, too! You\'ll find replacement picks and jojoba oil to care for your horn jewelry below, in addition to our Elementals Organics horn pinchers and stirrup horn earrings.