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Straight out of Poland, Kwadron is one of Europe’s top producers of high-quality tattoo equipment. Tattoo artists around the world recognize Kwadron needles as some of the smoothest, sharpest, and most reliable needles on the market. They bring the same level of precision and quality to their line of tattoo machines. Every Kwadron Equaliser machine combines a sleek, utilitarian aesthetic with excellent control, consistency, and reliability at a surprisingly affordable price. 

Types of Kwadron Tattoo Machines

From classic rotary configurations to lightweight miniature machines to pen-style machines, the Kwadron covers every type of rotary machine an artist could want. You’re guaranteed to find a machine you love in the Kwadron Equaliser line. 

Kwadron Equaliser™ Proton Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine

The Kwadron Equaliser Proton Rotary Pen is a lightweight, versatile pen that’s become a trusted go-to machine for artists all over the world. An adjustable needle depth of 0 to 4.5mm and a reliable 3.5mm stroke make it an ideal machine for a huge range of tattooing styles.

Kwadron Equaliser™ Proton Enduro Rotary Tattoo Machine 

The Enduro is designed to help you do just that: endure. Thanks to its lightweight, contoured 1” grip, and super low center of gravity, it’s the perfect pen for tackling long tattoo sessions without hand and wrist fatigue. And an adjustable needle depth of 0 to 5mm, it’s even more versatile than the Proton.

Kwadron Equaliser™ Ergo Rotary Tattoo Machine

Reliable and smooth, the Ergo is a high-quality rotary machine that’s versatile enough to become your new daily driver for everything from bold to soft shading. 

Kwadron Equaliser™ Drop Pen Tattoo Machine

Ultra-compact design makes this pen easy to hold through long tattooing sessions and ideal for traveling to conventions. Adjust your needle depth from 0mm to 5mm with a simple turn of the click system to easily switch between shading, lining, color packing, and anything else you can throw at it. 

Kwadron Equaliser™ Spike Rotary Tattoo Machine 

The direct drive system and powerful motor make the Spike a favorite for color packing and lining – but it’s still versatile enough to handle shading with ease. 

Kwadron Equaliser™ Spike Mini Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Equaliser Spike Mini features the same direct drive system and power of the original Spike in a lighter-weight design, making it easier to hold through long tattooing sessions without hand and wrist pain.

Kwadron Equaliser™ Mikron Tattoo Machine

The Kwadron Equaliser Mikron Rotary Tattoo Machine can operate with both disposable and adjustable cartridge grips, letting you optimize your setup for the needs of each individual tattooing procedure. 

Kwadron Equaliser™ Mikron PMU Tattoo Machine

Kwadron’s premier PMU machine, the Mikron PMU Tattoo Machine, offers a lightweight, balanced hold and a 2.8mm stroke, perfect for handling delicate micropigmentation procedures with accuracy and ease. 

Kwadron Equaliser™ Fox Mini V2 Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Fox Mini packs reliable power into a small, lightweight machine. A 4.5W motor, a powerful drive system, and three different lengths of plunger bars give the Fox Mini the power it needs to handle any style of tattooing. 

Kwadron Equaliser™ Pusher Rotary Tattoo Machine

With a powerful linear drive system and the versatility for lining, shading, and filling, the Pusher makes a great daily driver.