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Labret Piercing Jewelry

Labret studs are the most popular type of body jewelry on the market. Why? For starters, they work with many types of piercings, and they’re easy to insert and remove. They also come in a huge range of styles and materials – and here at Painful Pleasuers, we have nearly all of them.

Types of Labret Piercing Jewelry

Basic Piercing Labret Studs

Our fan-favorite Basic Piercing Jewelry collection features internally-threaded labret studs made from the highest-quality materials like implant-grade titanium and surgical stainless steel. These qualities make them ideal starter jewelry, much more conducive to healing than externally threaded jewelry or lesser metals like nickel. Shop our basic labert studs now and stock up on all the starter jewelry your shop needs for piercings ranging from lip and nostrils to tragus and beyond!

Acrylic Labret Studs

Fun and eye-catching, our acrylic labret studs add a pop of color to your piercing setup! This line features 316L surgical steel shafts adorned with a huge variety of decorative acrylic ends. Craving some color? Our multicolor acrylic balls or cones come in nearly any shade you could ask for. Want something even funkier? Roll the dice on these labret studs with colorful acrylic dice. 

Or just need a clear retainer for labret piercing? Our fully acrylic clear labret studs hit the mark.

Jeweled Labret Studs

When it just has to sparkle, our jeweled labret studs help you shine! From opals and stones to quartz and crystals, we carry a wide range of gems, colors, and cuts. More than just a lip piercing stud, these jeweled pieces are ideal for lip, cartilage, nostril, and cheek piercings.

Labret Jewelry Ends

Once you have a good labret stud or two, you can purchase extra ends in different styles that you can swap in whenever the mood strikes you to change up your jewelry. We have a broad selection of dermal tops that work with our internally-threaded labret studs, giving you endless ways to change up your labret piercing. If you don’t want to unscrew your labret jewelry ends every time, shop our push pin labret ends for ends that easily slide in and out. 

Unique Labret Jewelry

When you want something a little outside the norm, we have you covered with tons of unique labret piercing jewelry. Far from the standard metal or acrylic ball, you’ll find ends shaped like frogs, hearts, stars, ghosts, Pac-man… you name it. We also carry uniquely-shaped labret jewelry like labret pinchers and labret talons. Whatever you’re after, we’ve got labret jewelry that lets you stand out and make a statement.

Labret Jewelry Materials

Because we know style and substance matter, our line of labret stud jewelry comes in a range of materials. The most popular metals used to make labret studs are titanium and implant-grade stainless steel, both ideal for people with sensitive skin or metal allergies. Sterling silver and 14kt gold are also popular, high-end choices. And for metal alternatives, glass and BioPlast are comfortable and hypoallergenic.


Implant-grade titanium is considered one of the most superior materials for piercing jewelry. Titanium is bio-compatible and won’t trigger allergic reactions, so you can wear your labrets comfortably even if you react to other metals. 

Sterling Steel

Implant-grade sterling steel is a low-nickel alloy that works for most people with metal allergies. If you know you react to even trace amount of nickel, however, always opt for titanium or a non-metal option.

Sterling Silver

Sterlign silver is a popular labrety jewelry materials that combines quality and affordability. It’s nickel-free and appropriate for most people with metal sensitivities. 

Gold Labret Studs

When you want to indulge in upscale body jewelry, you can’t go wrong with gold. Our 14k gold labret studs are more durable than softer 24k gold, ideal for everyday wear. 

Glass Labrets

Our glass labret studs include a mix of glass labrets for stretched, large-gauge piercings and statement pieces like glass claws and colorful labret jewelry. We also carry smaller, clear glass labrets to use as piercing retainers.

BioPlast Labrets

Bioplast labrets are a hypoallergenic option that’s perfect if you’re avoiding metal jewelry or if you need clear, under-the-radar retainer.

Labret Jewelry FAQs

What is a Labret Stud?

Labret studs consist of a flat back plate with a threaded or threadless post connected to a removable gem, ball, or similar jewelry. The backplate of a labret piercing stud lies close to the skin for comfort. Because of their versatility for multiple types of piercings, labret studs are the most popular style of body jewelry on the market. 

What Gives a Labret Stud its Name?

Labret refers to any piercing attached to the lip, or labrum. Labret piercing studs get their name from this type of piercing. Labret piercings are actually located on the flesh just below the bottom lip and above the crease of the chin.

What Other Body Piercings Use Labret Studs?

In addition to all types of  lip piercings, labret piercing jewelry are popular choices for ear piercings, including tragus, conch, lobe, and helix piercings. Labret nose studs and philtrum studs are also common.

How Do You Remove a Labret Stud?

One of the advantages of labret piercing jewelry is how easily you can swap one piece out for another. To remove labret studs, hold the flat disc of the labret post in one hand and turn the external pieces counterclockwise until the ball is removed. Remove the post by gently pulling the disc up and out.

Are Labret Piercings Dangerous?

As long as the piercing instruments are properly sterilized and you take proper care of the piercing during the healing process, a labret stud is quite safe.

What Size Labret Piercing Do You Need?

Like other types of body jewelry, the location of a labret piercing determines the size of stud you’ll use. The thickness of a labret stud post is expressed as gauge, with higher gauges indicating thinner posts. The most common is 16g.

When you’re ready to add to your labret jewelry collection, PainfulPleasures has what you need with one of the world’s largest selections of labret piercing jewelry at some of the best prices you can find online.