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Oral Piercing Aftercare Products - Regular mouthwash typically contains alcohol, which isn\'t good for healing piercings. Alcohol can dry out your new piercing and irritate it, which is why we offer a selection of specially-formulated oral piercing aftercare mouthwash options that will be kinder to your oral piercing. Our oral piercing aftercare products include both antiseptic oral rinses like X-Pressions Extra Strength Piercing Aftercare and sea salt mouthwash alternatives to oral rinses containing alcohol. Salt water rinses are the gentlest, most effective and most widely recommended tool for keeping both oral piercings and oral surgery sites clean. The body tolerates salt-based oral piercing aftercare mouthwash better than traditional mouthwash, because salt is already naturally present in the body at the cellular level. Sea salt-based, alcohol free mouthwash options promote healing without detriment to healing oral piercings.

To clean your oral piercing and help it heal well, simply swish your mouth with one of our oral piercing aftercare alcohol free mouthwash options morning, night and after meals. Note that cheek piercings, labret piercings and other facial piercings that are both external and oral should also be cleaned externally with a saline-based piercing spray throughout the day. If your piercing begins to discharge thicker, more yellowish pus rather than just lymph or if you experience other piercing problems, try adding an antiseptic oral rinse to your cleaning regime once or twice a day.