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Organic Tunnels

Organic Tunnels - Our organic tunnels are crafted from natural materials like horn, bone, mother of pearl, stone, and wood. Shop for unique organic tunnels for your stretched ears and other stretched piercings, like custom tunnels crafted from exotic woods, horn tunnels with cutout inserts made from natural materials like mother of pearl, silver-lined organic tunnels, spiraled tunnels, and other beautiful organic tunnel options. Whichever type you choose, you should clean your organic tunnels weekly by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Never submerge organic tunnels in water, or they may swell and become misshapen. Periodically treat the horn and wood portions of your organic tunnels with a small amount of jojoba oil (or tea tree oil for wood tunnels) to maintain moisture and prevent cracking.

Tip: When preparing to stretch your ears or other piercings, massage a small amount of emu oil into the skin around your piercing(s) twice a day for a week beforehand. Doing so will enhance your skin\'s natural elasticity, making it easier to stretch without causing microscopic tears that could make you susceptible to infection. For additional stretching tips that can be applied to stretching any piercing, read our Ear Stretching FAQs.