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Stainless Steel Captive Rings

Stainless Steel Captive Rings - Our steel basic piercing rings are made from the highest-quality 316L implant-grade surgical stainless steel. We offer our stainless steel captive rings in a wide range of diameters, gauges and different styles, so you\'ll always have the perfect stainless steel captive ring for any piercing right at your fingertips. Shop for surgical steel screw-on ball rings, segment rings, traditional captive bead rings, seamless rings, D-rings, and other captive ring styles that are perfect for a wide variety of piercings ranging from ear piercings to belly button piercings and beyond.

Note that our captive ring beads usually pop in and out easily. However, if you need help manipulating the balls in larger-gauge captive bead rings, visit our Body Piercing Ring Closing Pliers and Ring Opening Pliers sections to find appropriate piercing tools.