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Choosing the Right Belly Button Ring

How do you pick the perfect belly ring to flaunt at the beach this summer when you have nearly 1,400 options available to you? We walk you through the process of choosing just the right combination of material, style and decorative accents before you start looking. If you know the specs you want first, it'll take you no time at all to find an awesome new belly ring for summer!

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 16, 2021

Starfish Belly Button RingPainful Pleasures offers nearly 1,400 belly button rings in a wide variety of styles ranging from simple bent barbells to gem-studded dangly belly rings and beyond. With so many options available, how do you pick the best belly button ring for you?

Narrow down your choices by making a short list of the qualities you know you want your belly ring to have. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Material – Do you want a surgical stainless steel, titanium, BioFlex, sterling silver, or gold belly button ring?
  2. Style – Do you want a standard belly ring, with a charm that hangs over your belly button, or do you want a reverse belly button ring that has the charm at the top? Or would you rather have an actual ring–a captive ring, a horseshoe barbell, a seamless ring, or another style hoop?
  3. Accents – Do you want a dangly belly button ring, one with a fixed charm or bezel-set gem, or a simple bent barbell with no decorative accents at all? If you want a gem-studded belly ring, do you want it to be a dangling ring or not?


Choose Your Preferred Belly Ring Material

BioFlex Belly Button Rings - Made of PTFE

We have belly rings made of surgical steel, titanium, sterling silver, gold, and BioFlex. If you have sensitive skin, steel, titanium and BioFlex are your best bets, with titanium being the best of the two metal options. Titanium belly button rings are made of the most inert metal, so they're the least likely to trigger an allergic reaction. BioFlex is also a hypoallergenic material, plus it has the advantage of being flexible, which is a definite plus for a belly ring that sits right where your body folds when you bend at the waist.

BioFlex (a.k.a. PTFE or BioPlast) is a great material for anyone, since it's flexibility makes it super comfortable, but it's truly the ideal belly button ring material option for people who play sports and pregnant women. If you play sports (particularly contact sports like field hockey or football), you may not be able to wear a belly button ring at all, but if you want to try to keep your belly piercing during the sports season, it's worth giving BioFlex a try. It's also a great option for pregnant women, because PTFE can be cut to just the right length for your growing belly. After the baby comes, you can cut the barbell a little shorter and keep wearing your pregnancy belly ring! (Check out our Pregnant & Pierced article to learn more about adjustable belly rings that you can wear throughout your pregnancy.)Gold Belly Button Rings

If you don't have sensitive skin and don't play sports, you also have the option of getting a sterling silver belly ring or a gold navel ring for a more upscale look. Some of our silver and gold belly rings will work for expectant mothers, too, since many are offered with shafts in a variety of lengths.

Tip: If you need a different length shaft for a belly ring you like that isn't available in the right size for you, look for a shaft with a matching gauge and thread pattern in our Body Jewelry Shafts section.


Pick Your Favorite Belly Ring Style

When it comes to belly button ring styles, you have three choices. You have to decide if you want a top-down/reverse belly button ring; a standard belly ring that has a larger bottom ball, charm or other decoration that sits over/in your belly button; or a hoop, like a captive bead ring or a circular barbell. If you want a belly button ring, you can narrow your choices further if decide you want a belly ring with a navel shield, which either encompasses the belly button or covers it. We offer navel shields in standard and top-down styles, as well as with or without dangles. Here are a few examples:

Crystal Explosion Belly Button Ring With Navel Shield Dangle Belly Button Ring With Navel Shield Reverse Belly Ring With Navel Shield
Standard Navel Shields Dangle Navel Shields Reverse Navel Shields


Decide What Belly Ring Accents You Want

Fixed Charm Crystal Explosion Belly Button RingIf you want a belly ring with accents like gems and charms, you essentially have four options: You can get a bent barbell with bezel-set gems on one or both ends, a fixed charm navel ring, a bejeweled dangle belly button ring, or a hoop with dice instead of balls (for a horseshoe barbell) or an opal ball instead of the standard captive bead (for a captive ring).

The Crystal Explosion Heart Belly Ring to the left is a fixed charm belly ring, meaning the charm is attached firmly to the shaft and immobile. Many of our belly rings have fixed charms, including the majority of the navel rings in these categories:Opal Belly Button Rings

Fimo belly rings
BioFlex belly rings
NFL belly rings
Baseball belly rings
Crystal Explosion belly rings
Gold belly button rings
Vintage and opal belly rings
Reverse belly button rings
Pregnancy belly rings
Surgical steel belly rings
Acrylic belly rings
Titanium belly rings 

We have a variety of stunning dangly belly button rings studded with gems, including many of our Bali Indonesian belly rings, our jeweled belly rings, and our Venus hoop belly rings.

Opal Captive Bead RingsIf you prefer a hoop, you can choose from options like these:

Captive bead rings (Get an opal bead for a unique look.)
Circular Barbells (You can add fun ends to these, like dice instead of balls.)
Seamless Rings
Segment Rings


Ready, Set, Shop!

Once you know what material, style, and general accents you're looking for, start shopping! Your list of specs will pair our nearly 1,400 belly rings down to a manageable assortment of fabulous options in no time.


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