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The Top 5 Benefits of Titanium Body Jewelry

Titanium body jewelry is one of the safest, most high-quality accessories you can wear. Learn all about the top 5 benefits of wearing titanium body jewelry.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: February 8, 2023

You may have heard that titanium body jewelry is the best option for your new piercing. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience wearing other metals and someone has told you to give titanium body jewelry a try. Whatever the reason, we’re here to give those recommendations real credibility beyond hearsay. Check out some of the key reasons why titanium body jewelry is such a safe, low-risk, and stylish option for your next piercing – whether it’s your first, fifth, or twentieth. 


Oval clicker rings made of titanium on a white background 

First and foremost, titanium is a hypoallergenic metal. That means it agrees with most clients’ skin and is extremely unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. You might be wondering, “What makes a metal hypoallergenic?” Simply put, titanium is a nickel-free biocompatible alloy made up of two metals: aluminum and vanadium, neither of which are known for triggering allergic responses. According to the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation, nickel is the most common contact allergen in the world. Being nickel-free, titanium is therefore considered extremely skin-compatible.

Because titanium jewelry is so skin-friendly, it’s often piercers’ go-to choice for new piercings. After all, using a metal that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction helps to reduce the overall healing time for your new piercing and will give their clients a better experience. 

Be forewarned, not all piercers reach for titanium jewelry right off the bat. Consequently, if you’ve experienced any allergic responses to non-titanium body jewelry, we highly recommend asking your piercer to start you off with titanium jewelry after your next (or first) piercing. Why not wear the lowest-risk body jewelry possible?  

We also highly recommend doing your research to seek out a reputable piercing shop. A clean, sterile shop with a professional piercer will offer safe, implant-grade body jewelry. So, ask your piercer where they source their starter body jewelry and what material is in it. ASTM F-136 Titanium is the best quality material for your first piercing, because it meets the American Society for Testing and Materials’ requirements for surgical-implant-quality metal. 

A Note on the “Green Skin Effect”

Oh, and by the way… that greenish/blueish hue you sometimes see after wearing inexpensive body jewelry? That isn’t an allergic response (although it’s often mistaken for one). It’s just a sign that the metal in your body jewelry isn’t high-quality, and most likely contains traces of copper… or lots of copper. When acids on your skin react with this copper, it results in the undesirable greenish look you may have experienced in the past. So, yeah, we recommend sticking to ASTM-compliant metals — most especially titanium — which has no trace of copper.


Titanium belly button rings with white opals and jewels 

Secondly, titanium is an extremely durable metal. It’s hyper-resistant to nicks, scratches, and general wear-and-tear. You can wear it in swimming pools, in the ocean, or out in the sun, and experience zero negative impact on your jewelry. It won’t corrode — provided the titanium is ASTM-compliant and high-quality. 

So, not only can you count on titanium as a piece of body jewelry that will last, but you can count on it to look nice for a very long time. In fact, assuming you followed all the right aftercare steps that come with a new piercing, you can wear your starter titanium jewelry for months to years after insertion. It will hold up and likely maintain its sleek, almost-like-new look (just be sure to keep it clean). This makes titanium jewelry an excellent choice, not only as starter jewelry, but for folks who don’t like to switch out their accessories a lot.

Oddly enough, despite being so durable, titanium is also extremely lightweight. More lightweight, in fact, than stainless steel, which is another extremely common body jewelry material. Bear in mind, this difference is imperceptible to some; but for others, it might be noticeable enough to make for a much more comfortable accessory. 


Alright, here’s where metallic science meets style. Titanium is one of few metals, like niobium, that can be anodized. So, *ahem*, in chemical terms: anodization is a process that uses electricity with a mild conductive solution to create a thin oxide layer on the surface of your body jewelry. If you’ve never worn anodized jewelry before, or asked about it, you’re likely thinking, “…So, what the hell does that mean?” 

In layman’s terms: electrical stimulation creates a new, highly durable layer over top of your jewelry. Moreover, that layer has a different color based on the voltage used during the anodization process. Consequently, the process of anodization has twofold benefits: 

  1. It makes your already corrosive-resistant and durable titanium jewelry even more corrosive-resistant and durable. 
  2. It lets you change your titanium jewelry to pretty much whatever color you want. 

The best part is you don’t have to anodize on your own. Some piercers will anodize your body jewelry for you. Or, if you’re ordering body jewelry through us, you’ll have an option to select your anodized color before checkout. We take care of the rest. 

A Note about Anodization Over Time

Anodized body jewelry tends to fade over time. This is largely due to the constant friction between your skin and the metal. However, you can always re-anodize your body jewelry and keep it looking vibrant. 


Dermal tops made of titanium with three different jewel colors

Titanium doesn’t just offer versatility in color. It also gives you total style versatility. You’ll find almost any style of body jewelry in titanium: dermal tops, belly button rings, clicker rings, and body jewelry basics like labret posts and barbell shafts. Additionally, titanium body jewelry comes in threadless and internally threaded varieties. If you don’t already know, threadless or internally threaded jewelry are the safest options for new jewelry, because external threading can chafe against your sensitive new piercing.   

Additionally, aside from offering styles for every piercing, titanium jewelry also gives you a wide selection of designs. On our Web store alone, you’ll find simple looks, ornate styles, titanium accessories with jewels, and so much more. Consequently, not only is titanium one of the safest options for body jewelry materials… it also doesn’t compromise the style factor.


With all these outstanding benefits, you might be suspicious about how pricey titanium jewelry is. The good news is this durable, versatile body jewelry is (perhaps surprisingly) budget friendly. You’ll find it’s only slightly more expensive than ASTM-compliant stainless-steel options. Considering the measly price difference, the few extra bucks you’ll spend for a titanium labret versus a steel one could be worth it in the end. After all, you won’t have to replace titanium jewelry for a long time, not only because of its durability, but also because it will more than likely agree with you or your client’s skin. 

Nevertheless, note that prices will vary according to the style of your body jewelry. Obviously, things like jewels, more ornate designs, and bigger sizes will up the price tag. Additionally, if you get your titanium jewelry anodized, it will tack on an additional small fee to your total. 


Considering all the facts, titanium body jewelry is an increasingly popular choice for piercers and clients alike. Consequently, more and more brands are offering greater varieties of titanium body jewelry as its popularity grows. 

One of these brands is known as Tilum. Tilum body jewelry is a premier brand that delivers when it comes to variety. They offer top-quality titanium options for piercers and everyday collectors. They’re a great option if you’re in the market for new body jewelry or looking to get a new piercing. As a piercer, you can also count on Tilum body jewelry to make an outstanding addition to your shop’s display case. While titanium body jewelry constitutes the bulk of Tilum’s selection, they also offer 14kt gold accessories — which is another hypoallergenic material, albeit pricier.  

Don’t forget to show us your favorite Tilum body jewelry on Instagram or TikTok. And if you’re a piercer? We’d love to see new piercings, curated ears, or other works of art using Tilum accessories. Be sure to give us a tag @painfulpleasures when you share. 

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