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Freckle Tattoos: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking to sport a freckled look, but don’t want to apply makeup every day, freckle tattoos to get permanent freckles are a great solution.
by Painful Pleasures Last Updated: May 27, 2021

Woman getting faux freckle tattoos by stick and poke method

Permanent makeup application has become one of the most popular procedures in both the tattooing and beauty industries in recent years, with new permanent makeup techniques, tools, and styles emerging all the time. One of the hottest permanent makeup trends today is freckle tattoos, or faux freckles, which were first popularized by permanent makeup/tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow. If you’re looking to sport a sun-kissed freckled look, but don’t want to reapply makeup every day or spend time and money on tanning, freckle tattoos might be your solution.

Freckle Tattoo Basics

If you’re interested in faux freckles, you should first schedule a consultation meeting with a reputable permanent makeup technician to discuss what you're looking for and give them the opportunity to assess your skin. You should expect a skilled permanent makeup artist to charge at least $300 for faux freckles, although rates will vary depending on your location, the number of freckles being applied, and the artist’s expertise. Microbeau Bellar cosmetic tattoo machine in black and red for a variety of PMU

To apply the freckle tattoos, the artist will use either a permanent makeup machine or a hand tool similar to a microblading stylus. The entire procedure takes between 30–60 minutes, depending on how many freckles will be applied. As with any tattooing or permanent makeup procedure, the artist will mark the pattern to be applied and get the client’s final approval before proceeding. There will be some discomfort during the procedure, but most artists will apply a topical anesthetic to keep you as comfortable as possible. Many clients have likened the sensation to light pinching on their face.

How Long Do Freckle Tattoos Last?

Perma Blend PMU tattoo ink in Walnut, great for faux freckle tattooingAlthough many people refer to them as “freckle tattoos” or “permanent freckles,” they’re really semi-permanent freckles. That’s because the procedure uses permanent makeup pigment rather than tattoo ink, which allows for more subtle and natural tones to match and blend with different skin colors. Depending on each individual’s lifestyle, skincare, and skin quality, freckle tattoos generally last between 1–3 years before requiring reapplication. However, many people choose to have their permanent makeup touched up every year or so to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.

Freckle Tattoo Healing and Aftercare

Faux freckles heal relatively quickly. Gabrielle says that most of the initial swelling will go down within a couple hours, and they are often completely healed within two weeks. During those two weeks, it is important to avoid UV exposure and any exfoliants, makeups or scented soaps that might irritate healing skin. It is normal for freckle tattoos to develop small scabs that fall off on their own—do not pick or scratch at your freckle tattoos. Your permanent makeup artist will provide full aftercare instructions before you leave your appointment, so make sure to follow them and check back if you have any questions.

Keep in mind that faux freckles will appear darker and more raised during this initial healing period. Over time, they will fade to a more subtle color that blends with the client’s natural skin tone. After a few weeks, you’ll be ready to show off your sun-flecked face all year ’round.

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