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Cheyenne Cartridges vs. Precision Needles

Cheyenne needles and Precision needles are two of the best brands of tattoo needles on the market. What sets these brands apart from the competition, and what differentiates them from each other?

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: April 5, 2022

Cheyenne Tattoo Needles | Cheyenne Cartridges Cheyenne needles and Precision needles are two of the best brands of tattoo needle cartridges on the market. What sets these brands apart from the competition? What differentiates them from each other? If you’ve narrowed down your choices to Precision needles versus Cheyenne cartridges but can’t decide which of the two to try, we can help. Let’s start by taking a look at the highlights of each brand.


Cheyenne Tattoo Needles

Cheyenne tattoo needles, also referred to simply as Cheyenne cartridges, are manufactured by the same people who brought you Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machines. Cheyenne cartridges are state-of-the-art, high-quality, German-made disposable tattoo needles that are thoughtfully designed and precision machined. The thing that really makes these tattoo needles special is the way the needles are arranged to meet professional tattoo artists’ needs and standards. There are different needle sizes available for lining and shading, giving tattoo artists extensive creative freedom when tattooing with Cheyenne cartridges. Types of Cheyenne Tattoo Cartridges Available Filling in colors is as easy as either dipping your Cheyenne tattoo needles into a small pot of ink while your machine is running or pouring ink into the upper cartridge’s opening and letting it flow out smoothly as you work. It’s simple to change out these single-use tattoo needles quickly, too, so you can tattoo hygienically with minimal fuss.

Cheyenne needles are sold in boxes of 10 cartridges that come in your choice of 56 different needle configurations. The configurations range from a single long taper liner needle to groupings of 27 magnum needles, with tons of options in between the two extremes. Whether you’re lining, shading, color packing, adding highlights, or doing another type of tattoo work, there’s a Cheyenne cartridge configuration to meet your needs.


Precision Needles

Precision tattoo needles are made by Painful Pleasures to give tattoo artists the options they need to create any type of tattoo art. You can choose the exact combination of tattoo needle diameter, needle count, configuration, taper type, and texture you need to achieve specific results when tattooing with Precision needles.

When you choose Precision needles, you won’t be limited to just round liners for outlining, round shaders for filling, blending and shading, flat configurations for achieving tonal gradations, and magnums for color packing and blending. Precision Needles | High-Quality Precision Tattoo Needles by Painful Pleasures You’ll be able to choose from a number of different general needle configurations and a multitude of needle diameters, counts, taper types, and textures, too. Our primary Precision needle configurations include:

Within each of those categories, there are anywhere from 6 to 26 tattoo needle options. For instance, our flat Precision needles come with your choice of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 needles so you can achieve the perfect tonal gradation whether you’re working in a tight space or creating a large-scale tattoo.


Choosing Between Cheyenne Cartridges & Precision Needles

Precision Tattoo Needles Both Cheyenne tattoo needles and Precision needles are machined from polished stainless steel, pre-sterilized with EO gas and packaged individually for one-time use. Cheyenne and Precision are both reputable brands that offer tattoo artists loads of convenient options to ensure they always have the exact type of tattoo needles they need when they need them for the type of work they’re doing at any given moment. With so many similar benefits, how is an artist supposed to choose between the two brands?

If you’re looking for a tie-breaker characteristic, one area where Precision outshines Cheyenne is in the sheer number of options it offers tattoo artists. Precision tattoo needles come in more than a hundred different needle characteristic combinations, allowing tattoo artists to choose between needles with #8, #10 or #12 diameters, 1-49 needles per grouping, standard and bugpin varieties, and extra super tight round liner, super tight round liner, regular round liner, regular round shader, textured round shader, flat, magnum, curved magnum, textured magnum, or stacked needle configurations. With their 56 tattoo needle options, Cheyenne cartridges offer tattoo artists a healthy assortment of options, but Precision offers tattoo artists a tool for nearly every single type of tattoo work they’ll ever do. It’s kind of like choosing between a box of Crayola® crayons that includes their 64 classic colors versus a box with crayons in 120 different colors. An amateur artist might think they’re getting a great assortment with the 64-color box, but a professional artist will almost always opt for the 120-color box so their creativity isn’t limited by the tools in their hands. Choosing Cheyenne cartridges versus Precision tattoo needles is the same kind of decision. Unless you really love the way a Cheyenne cartridge feels in your hand, Precision tattoo needles are the way to go, because they’ll give you truly unlimited creative freedom when you tattoo.

To learn more about Precision needles, including understanding Precision’s labeling system (shown below, along with our needle and tip compatibility chart), check out our Understanding Tattoo Needles blog post and our Tattoo Needles and Tattoo Needles & Codes articles. If you’re ready to give Precision needles a try, visit our Precision Tattoo Needles section. Like all shopping links in this article, that link will take you to our Wholesale Store, where you can save on tattoo supply orders of $100-$499.99. If you’re a tattoo artist or shop owner and plan to spend $500 or more, shop in our Distributor Store to enjoy the absolute lowest prices we offer industry professionals. Those placing orders under $100 should shop in our Retail Store.

Precision Tattoo Needles | Precision Needles Labeling System

Precision Tattoo Needles & Tips Compatibility Chart

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