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Try InkJecta Tattoo Machines – Here’s Why

InkJecta tattoo machines are unlike any other machines on the market. Boost your setup with an InkJecta rotary or wireless machine today.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: June 17, 2022

Whether you’re a seasoned tattooer or just starting out, you’ve likely heard of InkJecta tattoo machines. This daring manufacturer is known for producing truly unique rotary tattoo machines. You may be wondering: should I give InkJecta a try? 

Founded by tattoo artists Byron Drechsler and Chris Cashmore in 2008, InkJecta began with a bold mission: create the best, most innovative tattoo equipment around. Since then, some of the world’s best tattooers have used (and loved) InkJecta machines and accessories. 

These tattoo machines don’t look anything like most rotaries on the market. Hand-crafted with passion, each tattoo machine has a special look that’s distinctly InkJecta. But it isn’t just about the look… it’s about the performance, too. Each InkJecta tattoo machine has a powerful nanotechnology motor and customizable features. They’re also compatible with the InkJecta patented torsion drive bar system for adjustable give. 

If you’re ready to see why so many artists love these rotary tattoo machines, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the low-down on every InkJecta tattoo machine.

InkJecta Crossfire and Flite X1

InkJecta Flite X1 Crossfire wireless tattoo machine levitating out of package

When the InkJecta Flite X1 wireless tattoo machine hit the market, it instantly raised curiosity. The design is unlike any other wireless rotary tattoo machine available. And with promises like motion-activated, 100% digital adjustments, tattoo artists had to give it a try. 

Since then, the Flite X1 tattoo machine has gotten incredible reviews. Some are calling it the most intuitive tattoo machine in the industry. This machine is the first ever to offer 100% digital needle depth adjustments. That means you don’t need a noisy click grip to adjust your depth on the fly. Just press a button instead! The Flite X1 tattoo machine also gives you single-button voltage adjustments and motion-activated speed. Hold down the main button and tilt the machine to the right to speed things up or to the left to slow things down. 

But the adjustable features don’t end there. The Flite X1 tattoo machine also works with any InkJecta stroke wheel for any tattooing style. Plus, it’s super lightweight and comes with an ergonomic grip. 

The Flite X1 Crossfire is their latest model. With all the amazing features of the Flite X1, the Crossfire also gives you an upgraded grip. The InkJecta Sniper grip, made from aluminum, is reusable and fits in your hand like a dream. Check out the Crossfire and it might be the best wireless tattoo machine you’ve ever tried.  

InkJecta Eclipse 

InkJecta tattoo machines are all rotaries, but the Eclipse tattoo machine sure hits like a coil. With a hand-matched slide bar for just the right amount of give. It has the potential to pack a powerful punch and can even push up to a 45mag. But just because it can be a heavy hitter doesn’t mean it isn’t versatile. Artists have raved about this machine’s performance for lining, shading, color packing, and more.  

Injection-molded to perfection; the Eclipse also has all the hallmarks of a great InkJecta tattoo machine. It’s got a durable aerospace billet alloy body that’s also lightweight and easy to maneuver. You can pair it with any of InkJecta’s ergonomic grips, or your other favorite cartridge grips. 

Check the Eclipse out in sleek silver and limited-edition blackout. 

InkJecta Flite Nano Elite  

Flite Nano Elite is InkJecta’s ever-reliable flagship tattoo machine. Staple features of this classic include LED light activation, the same billet alloy construction as the Eclipse, and plenty of interchangeable features. Change up the stroke wheel of your Flite Nano Elite for any tattooing style. Additionally, this machine gives you a super-broad voltage length of 4.5v up to 20v. It was the first InkJecta machine to employ the nanotechnology motor that artists know and love today. That sweet Flite Nano motor has power like no other. 

Functionality meets fun when it comes to the Nano Elite’s cosmetic features. For example, the Nano Elite’s side bumpers reduce vibration, but also give your machine a pop of color. And you can use any InkJecta side bumpers with any Flite Nano machine. The cam cover is also interchangeable and can be purchased separately. 

Flite Nano Elite tattoo rotary machine comes in plenty of different colors with InkJecta-specific names. You’ll find colors like Troopa, Blast Brass, and more. Plus, you can even shop for limited-edition models like the sky-blue model. InkJecta tattoo machines certainly don’t sleep on color, sleekness, or visual appeal.

InkJecta Flite Nano Lite Tattoo Machine

But if you’re not ready to invest in this flagship tattoo machine, the Flite Nano Lite is also a great option. It gives you the same technical features, motor, and build as the InkJecta Elite machine. You’ll also get a rigid drive bar for give adjustment. However, the Lite doesn’t come with the side bumpers or the complete patented torsion drive bar system. 

If you’re a first-time InkJecta user, this is a great way to kick off your journey. 

Try InkJecta Tattoo Machines Today

Tattoo artist using the InkJecta Flite X1 Crossfire tattoo machine

With flexible features and designs unlike any other rotary on the market, it’s no secret why InkJecta is one of our top-selling brands. We also offer all InkJecta’s bonus tools and accessories on our Web store for a complete tattoo setup. You’ll find their ergonomic tattoo grips, including ones specifically designed for the Flite X1 in disposable delrin and reusable aluminum. 

If you’re looking to try InkJecta, explore all the rotary tattoo machines they have to offer. Discover which is the best rotary tattoo machine for you. See why top artists rave about the nanotechnology motor, durable construction, and patented drive bar system. Then, pair your machine with tattoo machine parts for a personalized machine. You can also shop for Rubbaz, which are InkJecta’s rubber, durable alternative to machine bags. If you’re ready to dive right in, you might even want to start with the X1 or Crossfire wireless rotary tattoo machine. 

And if you’re already an avid InkJecta fan, the Crossfire wireless tattoo machine is waiting for you. See if it’s the best wireless tattoo machine for you. 

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