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Tattoo Supply Brands You Should Try

Are you ready to branch out and give some new tattoo supply brands a try? Break up your routine and explore some of the best brands in the industry, like Cheyenne, Intenze and Precision...

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 16, 2021

Precision Tattoo SuppliesWhen you're learning the art of tattooing, it's natural to adopt the tattoo supplies your mentor uses as your own preferred brands. As you continue to grow as an artist, though, it's worthwhile to branch out and try new brands to further develop your craft. Exploring the diverse types of tattoo ink, needles, machines, and other tattoo supplies available will do two things for you: Changing up your routine and trying new things will help you figure out which tattoo supplies yield the best results in your hands, and it will also teach you to be flexible, resourceful and able to create stunning tattoos with whatever tattoo supplies are available to you.

Where should you start if you're ready to try some new tattoo supplies? Why not begin your exploration with some of the top brands in the tattoo industry–brands like Cheyenne, Intenze, and Painful Pleasures' own Precision tattoo supplies.


Cheyenne Tattoo Supplies

Cheyenne is a German-based tattoo supply company who's main claim to fame is the notorious Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machine. The Cheyenne Hawk is a precision rotary tattoo machine that offers the same quality feedback response found in coil machines. It was carefully designed by Cheyenne to meet tattoo artists' shared needs while also allowing them to express their unique, individual design styles.

Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo MachinesThe Cheyenne Hawk is a pinnacle of German engineering that has many benefits. The Hawk is lightweight, compact and user friendly. It utilizes disposable needle cartridges that can be changed out quickly and that support health-conscious tattooing with their anti-contamination integrated membranes and needles that retract when the machine is turned off. Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machines also allow artists to work with greater control and response by automatically adjusting to artists' movements.

Cheyenne makes a variety of accessories for tattoo artists to use along with their Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machines. Choose from two Cheyenne power supply units, motors in a variety of colors, tattoo needles in a range of configurations, colorful grips, disposable Hawk cartridges, and accessories like phono cords. Shop our full selection of Cheyenne tattoo supplies and learn more about this highly-reliable brand in our Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines & Accessories section.


Intenze Tattoo Ink

Intenze has been paving the way for tattoo artists to create beautiful tattoos safely for more than two decades. The company's founder, world-renowned tattoo artist Mario Barth, has always looked to the future and worked to keep his company's products one step ahead of the trend. He knew that as tattoos grew in popularity, safety would become an increasingly bigger concern for consumers, which is why Intenze was one of the first tattoo ink brands to manufacture sterile ink. Intenze Tattoo Ink | Intenze InkIntenze tattoo ink meets cosmetic regulations, it's vegan and organic, it goes into the skin smoothly, and tattoos inked with Intenze heal well and stay vibrant for many years.

Even though most reputable tattoo ink brands can now claim that their inks are also organic and sterile, Intenze has remained an industry leader. There's a multifaceted reason for that. For one, Intenze relies on the experience and work of a number of acclaimed tattoo artists to help them develop new lines of tattoo ink. Artists like Mark Mahoney and Bob Tyrrell have helped Intenze create special lines of tattoo ink that allow other artists to draw on their experience and create stunning tattoos in styles similar to their own.

Another thing Intenze has going for it is its focus on making "tools that make your work easier and the outcome of your labor better.” The company's customer-centric focus has lead it to stay on the cutting edge of tattoo technology and manufacture tattoo supplies that artists can rely on consistently. They also offer more colors and types of tattoo ink than any other ink manufacturer. Bottom line: Intenze is known for its innovativeness, reliability and variety–three factors that helped the company corner the tattoo ink market and that continue to make Intenze a leader in the tattoo industry.

If you'd like to learn more about Intenze and view their extensive product line, visit our Intenze Ink shopping page and read the Intenze section of our Top Brands in the Golden Age of Tattoo Inks article.


Precision Tattoo Supplies

Cheyenne and Intenze may be some of the best brands to try when it comes to tattoo machines and tattoo ink, but if you need supplemental tattoo supplies, Precision is the brand to check out. Precision is a Painful Pleasures brand that aims to provide tattoo artists with high-quality tattoo supplies at affordable prices that allow tattoo artists to maximize their profits. Whether you're looking for tattoo needles, disposable tubes, reusable grips, practice skin, protective gear for yourself and your equipment, or tattoo medical supplies, you'll find what you need in our Precision tattoo supply line.

Precision Tattoo NeedlesPrecision Tattoo Needles

Our Precision needles are meticulously machined from surgical stainless steel and sterilized so they're ready to use right out of the box. We offer our Precision tattoo needles in a range of configurations so you can always find the exact tools you need for any project. Choose from extra super tight, super tight and standard round liner tattoo needles, flat tattoo needles, round shaders, magnum needles, and stacked magnum tattoo needles in a variety of needle groupings. You can also purchase loose Precision tattoo needles, if desired.

Precision Tattoo Tubes, Grips & Tips

If you're looking for new tattoo tubes, grips or tips to try, you'll love the variety found in our Precision line. Our disposable tattoo tube and grip sets alone offer you 6 primary options with multiple sub-options: Precision Disposable Tattoo TubesClassic Tube & Grip Sets in 3/4" and 1" lengths, Vision Tube & Grip sets, Victory Tube & Grip Sets, Super Mag Tube & Grip Sets, Vortex Wrath Tubes, and our newest addition, PreSynergy Grips with built-in tubes that you can pair with your choice of plastic or metal tips in a variety of styles. Each of these disposable tattoo tubes offers a different set of benefits. For instance, our Classic Tube & Grip Sets are our most affordable option; their slender design gives them a pen-like feel and offers you ultimate control. If your primary goal is a strong ink flow, then our Super Mag Tube & Grip Sets may be a better option for you. Those who like to visually monitor ink flow and needle movement may prefer our clear-tubed Vision Tube & Grip Sets. You can learn more about each of our disposable tattoo tube options by visiting their individual product detail pages, all of which are accessible through our Disposable Tattoo Tubes section.

In addition to disposable tattoo tubes, we also offer a wide range of reusable Precision grips, steel tubes and metal tips. All of our traditional grips, tubes and tips are made from high-quality materials, like surgical stainless steel and autoclavable plastic. We also offer a variety of comfort grip covers as well as colorful cohesive wrap that you can use to pad your grips to just the right thickness to fit your hand perfectly and provide you with the exact level of shock absorption you need to do your best work.

Precision Tattoo Medical SuppliesTattoo Covers & Protective Gear

There are a number of medical supplies that come in handy for tattoo artists, and you'll find all of them amidst our extensive line of Precision tattoo medical supplies. Need barrier protection? Our Precision line includes aprons to protect your clothes, sleeves to cover your forearms, machine bags, bottle bags, clip cord covers, barrier film, dental bibs, and more, all of which you'll find in our Tattoo Covers & Protective Gear section. We also offer tattoo bandage supplies, like gauze, several different types of medical tape, and Dri-loc pads. No matter what type of tattoo medical supplies you need, we have it in our Tattoo Medical Supplies section.

Our Precision line of tattoo supplies includes a number of other products you may be interested in–things like tattoo ink cups and ink cup holders, acrylic dispensers for everything from gloves to tattoo pens that keep the supplies you use most within easy reach, empty ink and skin cleanser bottles, tattoo supply travel cases, and much more. To learn more about the diverse selection of tattoo supplies available through our Precision line, check out our Precision Tattoo Supplies article.


Other Tattoo Supplies to Try

Cheyenne, Intenze and Precision are just a few of the many quality tattoo supply brands you'll find in our Retail, Wholesale and Distributor Stores. If you're interested in checking out other brands, we also carry…Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare Cream

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