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The Best Wireless Tattoo Machines Roundup

Wireless tattooing has taken the industry by storm. Here's our roundup of the best wireless tattoo machines for your top drawer.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: May 18, 2023

You may or may not have noticed… wireless tattoo machines have taken the industry by storm. Maybe you’ve considered swapping out your cords to glean the benefits of a wireless model. Or maybe you’ve already hopped on the wireless bandwagon and you’re seeking your next go-to machine.

Either way, this wireless tattoo machine guide is for you. You’ll find everything you could possibly want out of a wireless machine: lining, packing, and shading capabilities, intuitive features from top-rated brands, and more.

So, let’s get to it: Level up your top drawer with the best wireless tattoo machines on the market and enjoy tattooing with cord-free versatility.


FK Irons Flux Max

 With the FK Irons Flux Max, you can super-size your tattooing potential with quite a few features that build on FK Irons’s former wireless machine models. Artists who love to pull big, bold, crispy lines will want to give this one a go for sure. That’s because the FK Irons Flux Max comes in three stroke lengths, including 4.5mm, which is the largest stroke length FK Irons has ever offered. Consequently, not only do you get more stroke length options — you also get the ideal stroke length for your boldest work.

Additionally, the Flux Max comes with an updated PowerBolt battery pack: The PowerBolt II. This revamped battery gives you a clear, digital OLED readout of your voltage and session timer. Adjust your voltage in 0.1mm increments with the press of a button using this clear, easy-to-read interface. Plus, the PowerBolt II lets you have eGive without having to connect to the Darklab app.

On top of these bonus features, the Flux Max has the benefits of the original Flux wireless tattoo machine design: an ergonomic grip and a forward-weighted body for maximum control.


FK Irons Flux

 Artists who are looking for a powerful wireless tattoo machine with a fixed stroke can count on the Flux for a variety of styles. Even with its fixed 4mm stroke, the Flux is designed with versatility in mind. Use it for lining, packing, and shading.

You can also count on the Flux for intuitive, easily adjustable features that FK Irons puts in every machine. For example, the Flux still gives you the same eGive you can get with the Flux Max; to enable it, just connect to the FK Irons Darklab app using the Bluetooth-enabled PowerBolt battery. Voltage adjustments are also simple with the press of a button. Additionally, the PowerBolt battery pack gives you up to 10 hours of juice. You can count on it lasting a long time for extensive days at the shop or large-scale backpieces.

The Flux has a slim, lightweight design that doesn’t compromise its power. This wireless tattoo machine is a direct drive rotary with plenty of torque for excellent needle penetration. Given its versatility and power, it could be your next all-in-one daily driver. See why Surrealism tattoo artist Kasey “Gonzo” Gonzalez loves the Flux below.


FK Irons EXO


If you’re looking to ease your way into wireless tattooing, the EXO might be your best bet. The FK Irons EXO lets you switch easily between a wireless and standard RCA setup. Plus, it gives you pretty much unlimited power since you can easily shift to an RCA connection when your battery runs low. But running low shouldn’t be an issue – that’s because every EXO runs on the same PowerBolt battery pack the Flux uses, so you can count on 10+ hours of juice, and 15+ hours with the PowerBolt Plus.

The EXO is also extremely comfortable to hold. It comes equipped with a 40mm wide ergonomic grip, and its forward-weighted design gives you the benefits of downward needle pressure.

Try out the EXO in a large variety of stroke lengths for taking on any style. The PowerBolt battery pack also gives you fully adjustable voltage with the press of a button. Additionally, it’s Bluetooth-enabled, so you can pair it with the Darklab app and access eGive benefits.


Critical X Bishop Power Wands

Critical X Bishop Power Wand liner, shader, and packer tattoo machines in a row with a glossy black backdrop

If you’re a big fan of the OG Bishop Wand tattoo machines, you’ll definitely get a kick out of the upgraded Critical X Bishop Power Wands. Just like the OG models, these Power Wands come in liner, packer, or shader options. So, they’re an excellent choice if you prefer to have a separate machine for every technique — as opposed to, say, an all-in-one daily driver.

The main upgrade you’ll notice on the Power Wands is the magnetic backplate, which allows the included Critical X Bishop battery packs to sit flush on your machine and rotate 360 degrees. Thus, if you find yourself constantly checking your battery life or adjusting your voltage, you can take full advantage of angling your screen for optimal visibility.

Additionally, if you want to try your Bishop Power Wand with a different battery pack, you’ll be pleased to know these machines are compatible with all Critical Connect firmware. That includes the Critical Connect battery packs and footswitch for even more efficient tattooing.

Another perk? The Critical X Bishop Power Wands are the lightest machines Bishop has ever offered, weighing in at only 5.2oz when you use them with the Critical Connect Shorty batteries. That being said… you can say goodbye to wrist pain, especially with the excellent balance of the Critical X Bishop battery pack sitting flush on y our machine.

So, try out the Bishop Power Wand today as a liner, packer, shader, or all three. Even if you haven’t tried the OG Wands, the Power Wand is an excellent choice for wireless tattooers who prefer an ultra-lightweight machine and opt for Critical technology.

Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited

NOTE: The Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited is currently marked down to $899.99 from $1,199.99 in both 3.5mm and 4.0mm stroke options. Grab your Sol Nova Unlimited at this discounted price while supplies last.

Cheyenne’s first-ever wireless tattoo machine is for you if you dig intuitive features with minimal hands-on adjustments. The Sol Nova Unlimited delivers unlimited possibilities, all with motion-activated voltage adjustments and a one-button operation. Plus, it gives you all the perks that Cheyenne is known for: steady and responsive modes, super-quiet operation, and adjustable needle depth (up to 4.25mm). 

A potential all-rounder, this wireless machine comes in your choice of stroke length. Give it a go with the powerful 4mm stroke for color packing. Or try out the more versatile 3.5mm stroke option for a variety of techniques like dot work and pepper shading. Want to know what other artists think of the Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited? Check out what tattoo artist and owner of Tattoo Heart Studio, John Garancheski had to say below.

Oh, and if you’re a Cheyenne lover … don’t miss our round-up feature on all Cheyenne tattoo machines in the game.


Peak Solice

The Solice is Peak’s first foray into the wireless revolution, and (as with most Peak machines) it’s a versatile all-rounder you can count on day-to-day. Balanced and lightweight, the Solice has a 3.5mm stroke length, capable of lining, shading, color packing, and pretty much any style.  Because it’s so versatile, it’s a great choice for professionals and apprentices alike. Additionally, it’s modular like the EXO, which means you can switch easily between a wireless and RCA setup.

The Peak Solice operates on a PowerPack battery that delivers 10+ hours of tattooing power. Easily charge your batteries on the go and count on plenty of power for your next large-scale piece. Find out why the Peak Solice is tattoo artist, Bobby Douglas‘s go-to daily driver below.


Peak took “all-rounder” to the next level with the Peak Solice Pro. Like the OG Solice, this machine is modular, so you can easily switch between a wireless and RCA setup. As such, it’s still a great option for you if you’re not 100% committed to exclusively wireless machines. Plus, it’s still going to give you up to 10 hours of tattooing power (depending on your settings).

However, this machine gives you the added bonus of a fully adjustable stroke length on the fly — a massive upgrade to wireless tattooing. When you’re working with an adjustable stroke range of 2.4mm up to 4.2mm, you can tackle any style with ease. Additionally, the Peak Solice Pro is compatible with Peak’s Radix footswitch for even more wireless efficiency — tattoo in continuous or momentary modes with a tap of your foot.

For more details, check out tattoo artist John Garancheski’s review of the Peak Solice Pro below:


If the other two Solice machines aren’t for you, it may be because you like things a little more compact. Enter the Peak Solice Mini, which lets you seize Peak power… in miniature. This machine measures only 4″ in length including the PowerPack battery, as compared to the 5″ Pro and 4.5″ Solice. It’s also remarkably lightweight and compact, making it easy to maneuver; and being such a small size, it gives you closer access to your work, improving your overall focus. Oh, and, of course, you won’t have to worry about the hand fatigue you usually get from dealing with a heavier machine.

The Solice Mini is also totally wireless. It isn’t a modular machine like its predecessors. So, you should only go for this machine if you’re totally committed to being cord-free. If so, enjoy tattooing in miniature with the same powerful battery life and quality performance Peak always delivers.

See what artist Jesse Vickers has to say about the Solice Mini in his thorough review of this small-but-mighty machine:

InkJecta Flite X1

If you’re looking for a machine with a design that stands out, the InkJecta Flite X1 might be your next go-to. And, as with the Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited, the Flite X1 is also for artists who like intuitive, motion-activated voltage adjustments. With the Flite X1, all you have to do is tilt the machine to the right to increase the voltage, and tilt to the left to decrease the voltage.

Additionally, this forward-minded wireless rotary tattoo machine features two nano-technology motors. One motor operates the drive while one operates needle depth adjustment.

Enjoy up to 8 hours of tattooing power with the InkJecta Flite X1’s large 18500 batteries. This wireless machine also comes with two small 18350 batteries for up to 4 hours of tattooing power per charge. This wireless machine comes with two large 18500 batteries and two small 18350 batteries.

Another benefit of tattooing with an InkJecta tattoo machine? You can enjoy full compatibility with InkJecta’s accessories, like the torsion drive bar system, or aluminum + Delrin grips. The InkJecta Flite X1 definitely looks the most distinctive of the wireless machines in this roundup… learn more about these unique machines here

For an in-depth breakdown and review of the Inkjecta Flite from tattoo artist Ty Pallotta, check out the video below.


Stigma Rotary Force

 You can always count on durability and quality construction with Stigma Rotary, and the same holds true for their wireless powerhouse: the Force. Despite its heavy-duty, sturdy construction, this machine has a nearly silent, vibration-free performance for the comfiest of sessions.  The battery pack on the Force is Bluetooth-enabled. Plus, you get a “digital give and boost” feature: choose from 3 levels of give, and give yourself a boost for punchier tattooing. And you can definitely count on punchiness and power with the Force’s robust Faulhaber motor.

Also designed with intuitive operation in mind, the Force enables motion-activated adjustments like the Sol Nova Unlimited and the Flite X1. Its straight-forward, no-frills design is balanced and easy to control, complete with an ergonomic 32.4mm grip.

Just like the EXO and Sol Nova Unlimited, you get your choice of stroke length with the Force. Try out the 3.7mm as your all-rounder or the 4.5mm for pulling bold lines and packing in color.

Rook One

The Rook One wireless tattoo machine is a reliable choice for tattooers and PMU artists alike. This super-slender machine gives you optimal visibility, even when working on tiny, concentrated areas of the skin. That, along with its versatile 3mm stroke length, is why it’s capable of cosmetic tattooing… including SMP procedures.

With the Rook One, you can also count on a steady connection to power. Just like the EXO and the Solice, the Rook One comes with two magnetic batteries and a magnetic RCA module. Each battery gives you 10+ hours of tattooing power for a long day at the studio. And whenever you run low on power, it’s easy to shift over to a standard setup with an RCA cord. For that reason, the Rook One also an excellent choice for anyone curious about wireless tattooing (but not yet ready to give up the RCA life).

Dragonhawk Mast Lancer

If you’re looking for a bold liner wireless machine, you might find your savior in the Dragonhawk Mast Lancer wireless tattoo machine. A simple turn of the adjustment knob lets you change your needle depth up to 4mm for pulling your crispiest lines… but with its 3.5mm stroke length, the Mast Lancer is versatile enough for all kinds of tattooing. Additionally, you can count on plenty of battery life with the Dragonhawk Mast Lancer, which delivers 12+ hours of tattooing power per charge. Its balanced design weighs a little more than some of the lighter weight machines in this round-up, which is perfect for artists who like a little more heft.

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