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Top 6 Black Tattoo Inks You Need to Try 

Let's find the best black tattoo ink for you. Learn more about the top 5 best black inks for lining, shading, and more.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: December 29, 2022

When it comes to choosing a go-to black tattoo ink, the options can be overwhelming. So many top-rated manufacturers produce a variety of heavily pigmented black tattoo inks, each with different benefits. Finding the best black tattoo ink for you is based on your unique style and your individual needs. 

Let’s find you your perfect match.  

Check out our top 6 Black Tattoo Ink recommendations based on reviews from top ProTeam artists and other shoppers like you. 

1. World Famous Blackout

World Famous Blackout black tattoo ink

Blackout from World Famous Ink is their blackest one yet.  

Formulated by World Famous Ink founder and second-generation tattooist Lou Rubino, Blackout is made with an artist’s expertise. What sets Blackout apart from other black tattoo ink on the market is its super-fast flow rate. Blackout’s free-flowing consistency in conjunction with its heavy pigment load makes it easy to pack into the skin for bold, smooth results. 

So, what gives it such an excellent flow rate? Blackout’s formula does not contain glycerine, a commonly found component in black tattoo ink ingredients.  Because of this, Blackout has a thinner (but not runny) consistency, making it ideal for crisp linework, solid blackwork, and rich black filling with minimal damage to the skin. However, being glycerine-free, Blackout is less suitable for diluting and mixing to create effective gray washes.  Blackout could be your next go-to for packing in your boldest dark work. 

“World famous Blackout is by far the blackest, smoothest and easiest to pack in the skin. After trying about a dozen different blacks for my blackwork or solid fill areas, I’ve found that it being fast flowing gives me more saturation which makes it less damaging to the skin as I can move away from the area a lot faster, unlike other blacks I’ve tried. Definitely my go-to.” — Artist John Dame @tattoosbyjohndame 

2. World Famous Triple Blackout

Bottle of World Famous Triple Blackout tattoo ink on a black backdrop

World Famous Triple Blackout is formulated to be the perfect pair to the OG Blackout. This ultra-bold black tattoo ink by World Famous is best for adding dimension to your black & gray shading work — so when you pair it with Blackout, you have the perfect outlining and shading pair.

Just like the OG Blackout, Triple Blackout is glycerin-free, which gives you a fast-flowing consistency. It goes into the skin as smoothly as possible for excellent distribution while you’re shading. And, as indicated by its name, this ink is highly pigmented for intense blackness for richer, more dynamic tattooing.

3. Eternal Maxx Black  

Eternal Maxx Black tattoo ink

Eternal Ink invested two years of research and development into Maxx Black, their super black tattoo ink that’s easy to pack. Maxx Black is extremely versatile and can be used for lining, shading, and all other styles of blackwork. This ink is a favorite among some artists for lining and scriptwork.  

Maxx Black is known for reliable, bold healed results that stay black without any color shifts or undesirable undertones. You can count on longevity and linework that stays true and withstands the test of time. Artists concerned with black tattoo ink that looks grey, green, or blueish over time can count on the reports of other artists who swear by Maxx Black. 

“The consistency and flow is perfect. Maxx ink does seem darker than standard lining ink. It makes excellent washes, too.” — Brad B. 

4. Intenze Zuper Black 

Zuper Black tattoo ink from Intenze 

Intenze Zuper Black has a very thick, dense consistency, which allows it to saturate the skin, making it most ideal for heavily saturated blackwork. This true black ink has also been deemed by many artists to be the best black tattoo ink for darker skin tones, given its heavy saturation and boldness.  

It shows up boldly even on silicone practice skins, which is promising, given silicone skins are slightly tougher than real human skin.

Zuper Black is excellent for intense blackwork, and it can be used for soft shading and creating smooth gradient effects; this is most effective when working with a lower voltage and applying super light pressure to the skin. The biggest drawback of this super black tattoo ink is that it is less conducive to linework due to its super think consistency. 

“In color packing, this is the one you need to get for solid black color.” — Clifford T.

Note: Intenze tattoo inks are only available on our wholesale store. 

5. Dynamic Triple Black 

Dynamic Triple Black tattoo ink

Dynamic Triple Black tattoo ink triples the pigment found in Dynamic Black, a classic that has been an artists’ favorite for years. With this even darker formula, Dynamic Triple Black is praised for its versatility, great for lining, shading, and solid blackwork. While it can certainly be used to pack in darkness and perform excellent cover-up tattoos, most artists tend to favor Dynamic Triple Black for its ability to blend easily with pre-made gray washes and perform smooth shading work. Like with Intenze Zuper Black, Dynamic Triple Black is not often recommended for bold linework; but unlike Zuper Black, its consistency is not as thick, making it easy to pack with minimal damage to the skin.  

Artists also praise Dynamic Triple Black for its true black healed results. As with Eternal Maxx Black, you can count on Dynamic Triple Black to heal as darkly as possible without any greenish hues or undesirable undertones. This ink is a reliable option for those seeking a black tattoo ink that doesn’t turn green. 

“Been through every black there is. I like black ink that heals BLACK. Healed, Dynamic Triple Black is my favorite.” — Danny T. 

 6. Allegory Blak

Allegory Blak tattoo ink

Manufactured using the expert advice of artists and scientists, Allegory Blak is a versatile lining and shading black tattoo ink that artists consistently praise. Allegory Blak comes with a glass marble agitator in each bottle, which helps to maintain its creamy, silky-smooth consistency. This consistency is partly why this black tattoo ink is so great for easily pulling clean lines and delivering smooth shades and packing in color. Best of all, Allegory Blak heals boldly and velvet-smooth over time. 

While many artists swear by this tattoo ink, it can be easy to over-saturate, given its smooth flow and heavy pigmentation. Nevertheless, this black tattoo ink could be your new favorite if you’re seeking something silky, fast-flowing, and versatile. For many artists, it is a personal best tattoo ink for lining AND the best tattoo ink for shading. 

“Best black in the industry to date.” — Michael M. 

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