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$1149.99 $1149.99 Pro Price
$1149.99 $1149.99 Pro Price
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EXO + 2 PowerBolts — Pick Stroke Length and Color

EXO + 2 PowerBolts — Pick Stroke Length and Color

SKU: 00801-10-MBK-3.2

$1149.99 $1149.99 Pro Price
$1149.99 $1149.99 Pro Price
Sale Out of Stock

Stroke Length
    • Regular price $1149.99 Pro Price
      3.2mm / Black Ops
    • Regular price $1149.99 Pro Price
      3.2mm / Stealth
    • Regular price $1149.99 Pro Price
      4.0mm / Black Ops
    • Regular price $1149.99 Pro Price
      4.0mm / Stealth
    • Regular price $1149.99 Pro Price
      4.0mm / Shadow Camo
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    EXO Modular Rotary Tattoo Machine with 2 PowerBolts by FK Irons

    Switch your game up and experience ultimate versatility with the FK Irons EXO rotary tattoo machine. The EXO is the first modular tattoo machine FK Irons has ever created, allowing you to switch nimbly between a traditional RCA connection setup and a wireless setup. The machine is fitted with a detachable RCA module; simply remove the RCA module with a simple quarter-turn and attach the FK Irons PowerBolt battery pack in its place. Whether you’re tattooing wirelessly or with an RCA connection, this machine is E-give ready when used with the Hover tattoo power supply or the PowerBolt + Darklab app.

    The EXO machine runs on the same powerful 9W brushless motor used in the FK Irons Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine. Great for color packing, bold line work, and solid color in general, the machine is also forward weighted to encourage downward needle pressure. It is ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort with a 40mm large tattoo grip.


    • Stroke Lengths: 3.2mm, 4.0mm
    • Connection: Wireless with 2 PowerBolts included
    • RCA Power Cord available for purchase separately
    • Net Weight: 6.8oz (~189g)
    • First modular tattoo machine by FK Irons
    • Switches easily between RCA connection setup and wireless PowerBolt battery operation
    • Battery life: dependent on functional preferences*. Full charge in 2 hours when used with the included USB-C charging cable. *needle resistance, machine speed (voltage/hertz), and stroke
    • E-give ready via Hover + RCA cable or via PowerBolt + Darklab app
    • Equipped with large, ergonomic 40mm grip
    • Forward-weighted to encourage downward needle pressure
    • Employs a 9W brushless motor
    • Compatible with most standard membrane cartridge tattoo needles
    • Ideal for lining, color packing, and solid color work
    • Less passes to saturate tattoo ink; reduces trauma to skin
    • Bluetooth enabled; can be paired with Darklab mobile app (available via iOS only) to unlock special features and update firmware 

    Compatible Devices:
    PowerBolt Battery Pack
    PowerBolt Plus Battery Pack
    LightningBolt Battery Pack
    LightningBolt Uni Battery Pack
    Hover Touchless Power supply
    Killswitch Wireless Footswitch (when paired with the LightningBolt, LightningBolt Uni, or PowerBolt Plus)

    FK Irons EXO Wireless Machine
    PowerBolt Battery Manual

    Product Weight: 0.42 lb

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