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Roses — Softcover Book

Roses — Softcover Book

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    Book of Rose Tattoos from Italy

    Rose Tattoos - Tattoo Designs 3ntini Editore 64 pages, 21x28 cm, 289 tattoo designs. Colour, black and grey and even just linework. In this issue: Black roses, blue roses, traditional and old school roses, realistic style roses, black&grey shading roses, winged roses, roses with daggers, hearts, spider's webs, butterflies, swallows, pin-ups, crosses and much more besides. Rose Tattoos Through time, around the world and across cultures, the rose has taken on various different symbolic meanings. For example it can be a symbol of love but also pain. One traditional legend says that the rose grew thorns after Adam and Eve were banished from Eden, to remind people of all they had lost in Paradise as well as their Original Sin. The rose is a symbol of love and passion, but its thorns try to defend the flower from desecration and so it is also a symbol of purity and virginity. It has been given other meanings depending on its colour and the rose is one of the most popular tattoo subjects, often customised with the addition of other symbolic or purely decorative designs alongside or intertwined with it. The most common combinations are roses with tribal designs, hearts, butterflies or lettering. This collection contains the most beautiful and sought after rose tattoos: black roses, realistic style or black & grey roses. Most outstanding though are the all-time favourites - traditional and old school roses, which you can see here in a stunning range of versions, colours and sizes. There are lots of combos with other designs, creating a series of doubly symbolic messages or simply magical decoration: roses with and without thorns, roses with angel's wings, roses with daggers through them, roses and hearts, roses with spider's webs, butterflies, crosses, swallows, pin-ups and much much more!
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