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Vlad Blad Ultron Pen 2 Tattoo Machine

Vlad Blad Ultron Pen 2 Tattoo Machine


$549.99 $549.99 Pro Price
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    Accomplish any tattooing style with a versatile 4mm stroke length. This pen can take on soft shading, whip shading, color packing, and bold line work with ease. Additionally, this pen is designed to hit softly, causing less trauma to your client’s skin for better healed results.

    Tattoo comfortably with an ergonomic design and vibration-free performance. This machine is also ultra-compact for more precision and control. It comes equipped with a 25mm stainless steel grip for artists who prefer the durability of stainless steel.

    Enjoy efficient power with the RawPower system, part of the second generation of Vlad Blad pens. With its revamped 10.5 Watt motor, the Ultron Pen 2 has bolstered energy efficiency. The motor won’t overheat while tattooing and external battery packs will perform for longer. This revamped motor also has 1.9x the torque of the OG motor.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Color: Black
    • Machine Weight (without grip): 159g
    • Machine Length: 4.25”
    • Machine Diameter: 25mm
    • Standard 25mm stainless steel grip
    • 10.5W motor; better torque than OG motor
    • Machine body is anodized and scratch-resistant
    • Operates using a 10.5 Watt motor
    • Voltage: 6v–10v
    • Stroke Length: 4mm
    • Compatible with any cartridge needles
    • Compatible with Cheyenne single-use grips
    • Also works with most wireless batteries
    • Ideal for all kinds of tattoo work
    • Bolstered durable RCA connection; closed and protected from damage
    • Machine body can be treated with disinfectant alcohol solutions
    • Grip is ergonomic and autoclave-safe

    Working Voltage Recommendations:

    • Fine lines 7.5-8.5 V
    • Fat lines 9-9.3 V
    • B&G soft shading 7.5-7.8 V
    • Colour soft shading 7.5-8 V
    • Solid packing 7.5-8 V
    • Dot shading 1.5-3 V
    • Whip shading 7-8 V

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