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Cheyenne Tattoo Needles

Like the ever-popular Cheyenne tattoo machines, Cheyenne cartridge needles offer a combination of quality and affordability. All Cheyenne cartridges meet the strictest industry standards for safety and hygiene and offer artists the precision and control they need to create their best tattoos. 

Types of Cheyenne Cartridge Needles

Cheyenne produces three types of cartridge needles: the original Safety cartridges, Craft cartridges, and Capillary cartridges. All Cheyenne cartridges are compatible with the popular Cheyenne Hawk Pen and its variations like the Cheyenne Hawk Unio. Whether you’re going with the Safety, Craft, or Capillary cartridges, Cheyenne recommends using only Cheyenne-brand cartridges – which come with a patented safety membrane – to protect your Hawk Pen from backflow.

Safety Cartridges

Cheyenne safety cartridges are well-known for their quality and, of course, safety. Their design allows artists to easily and hygienically switch out cartridges, and their patented membrane prevents blood and ink from entering the tattoo machine's grip. 

Craft Cartridges 

Craft cartridges come with all of the same benefits but at a lower price point. They use the exact same needles as the original Safety cartridges, but the needle casing is simpler. While the Safety cartridge casing is made up of several different pieces of plastic, the Craft cartridges consist of a single piece of medical-grade molded plastic. This makes them cheaper to produce and allows artists with any budget to afford Cheyenne’s top-quality cartridges.

Capillary Cartridges 

Capillary Cartridges offer the same needle quality and safety features with a special twist: they absorb 10 times more ink than traditional cartridges, allowing for faster filling and fewer dips into the ink cup.

How to Choose the Best Cheyenne Cartridge Needle

Thanks to the different liner and shader sizes, there are no limits to an artist's individual creative freedom when using Cheyenne needles. Filling in colors is as easy as either dipping these high-quality tattoo needles into a small pot of ink while the machine's running or pouring ink into the upper cartridge's opening and letting it flow out smoothly as you work. Best of all, the single-use material can be quickly changed, allowing for perfect, uncomplicated, and hygienic work!

Bottom line: Cheyenne offers some of the best tattoo needle cartridges in an impressively wide array of configurations. You’ll find all of them here at Painful Pleasures for the best prices available online.