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Killer styles meet bold self-expression in our collection of septum pinchers. Pinchers are one of the most popular types of septum piercing jewelry, and with our range of materials, colors, and styles, you’re sure to find one you’ll rock. 

Horseshoe Septum Ring vs. Septum Pincher

With a huge array of septum jewelry options and varying names, it's easy to get lost in the style maze. Let's simplify it. The terms “horseshoe septum rings” and “septum pinchers” are often used interchangeably. Both feature a semicircular shape with an opening at the bottom. If the ring tapers to a crescent shape, it's more likely to be called a pincher. If it maintains a consistent diameter, it’s more likely to be referred to as a horseshoe ring. “Horseshoe nose rings” can also refer to retainer septum jewelry that comes in an open rectangular shape or true horseshoe shape; these pieces are often flipped into the nose to hide the jewelry while keeping the piercing open.

Types of Septum Pinchers


Pinchers are horseshoe-shaped rings that are often held in place with an O-ring on either side of a piercing. Pinchers are most often worn as septum jewelry, but they could also be used as nipple piercing jewelry and earrings. We carry them in a range of materials, including glass, titanium, and mother-of-pearl.

Pointed Septum Rings

Pointed septum rings – also known as crescent rings or pinchers – taper to a point at each end, and are one of the most popular styles of septum piercings.

Small Septum Horseshoe Rings

Small septum horseshoe rings are ideal for those who love the style of septum piercing but don’t want their piercing to become the focal point of their face. They’re also ideal if you need to hide your septum piercing as most can be easily flipped upward into your nose.

Other Septum Rings

Beyond pinchers, other types of septum jewelry include circular or bent barbell rings, which are similar to horseshoe rings but have two small balls at each end; captive bead rings, which feature a complete circle that’s screwed closed with a small ball; and septum clickers, which are complete circles that can click open and close at a hinge. 

How to Insert a Septum Pincher

Now, let's tackle changing your septum jewelry and inserting a pincher or horseshoe ring. Before attempting to switch out your jewelry, be sure your piercing is fully healed. Residual swelling can hinder the process, making it nearly impossible to get your new jewelry in place.

Once you’re all healed up, start with clean hands and sanitized jewelry. Our "Sterilize My Jewelry" option ensures that your new pincher will be as sterile as possible. Gently guide the new horseshoe ring through your piercing, center it, and secure any screw-in balls at the end of the ring, or add your O-rings to keep your jewelry in place. Remember to take your time and be gentle to avoid irritating the new piercing.

If you're stretching your septum piercing and need plugs, check out our Plugs & Tunnels section. We also offer an array of septum clickers, segment rings, seamless rings, septum tusks, bent barbells, and top-notch body jewelry.