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Protect Your Neck: A Guide to Nape Piercings

For a unique piercing, look no further than the nape.

by andrew Last Updated: May 16, 2021

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The nape is another term for the back of the neck. It’s the place where a mother cat picks up her young kittens, but unlike cats, the nape is a sensitive area for humans. However, the pain is no deterrent. Most reports from people with nape piercings say it doesn’t hurt that bad, and even if it does hurt, people are more than happy to deal with it because the piercing is unique. I’ve heard it described as looking like “a two fang bite by a vampire.” For most nape piercings, that description is fairly accurate. The nape piercing is accomplished by creating two punctures in the back of the neck, and using a piece of barbell jewelry to sit in the new holes. The studs sit outside the holes, and the bar runs under the skin, giving you a nice symmetrical piercing. nape, neck, piercing

Nape piercings will run you about $50, and it is definitely worth it to go to a professional for this type of piercing. There are plenty of people who prefer to do piercings themselves at home, but the neck is not a place you want to mess with unless you have a solid understanding of what you’re doing. Things can easily go wrong. There are major blood vessels, arteries, and nerves in the neck. You wouldn’t want to mess up and hit any of those.

The nape piercing is considered a surface piercing, which means it carries a higher rate of infection and migration. These are concerns that can be handled with a little bit of knowledge, and good cleaning supplies. For some top of the line cleaning supplies, check out the Piercing Aftercare Products section of our website. It typically takes 2-6 months for a nape piercing to heal, but it can take up to twelve months, which is longer than most surfaces, so keeping it free of infection is of tantamount importance. Some reports from people who have received this type of piercing suggest switching to a mild soap because stronger soaps with harsh chemicals will irritate the open wounds.multiple piercings, neck, nape piercing

The most common nape piercing consists of a surface barbell with two threaded ends/tops. Less common, but possibly more interesting are those who opt for multiple nape piercings, which can be used to create a circular formation or what I can only describe as a constellation of metal studs. There are some interesting options, so be sure to do a little research before getting the piercing. To check out more options for the type of jewelry you can use in your nape piercing, visit the Body Jewelry section.


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