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Transform Your Workflow with Peak Stellar Needle Cartridges

Peak Stellar needle cartridges are officially on our shelves. Find out how these needle cartridges can change your whole game.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: May 7, 2024

If you’re doubtful that a new cartridge could have anything new under the sun… put those doubts to bed. Whether you’re in the market for new needle cartridges or you’re hopelessly devoted to your current favorites, Peak Stellar should be on your radar. They’re game-changers in so many ways, including a new guarantee that cartridges have never offered before. So even if you can’t stand to part with your current favorite needles, you can still benefit from adding Stellar to your lineup.

Let’s dive into why Peak’s latest needles change the game.

Count on 20/20 Quality Assurance GUARANTEED – Stellar Sets a New Standard

Close-up of Stellar needle cartridge

That first-ever guarantee we mentioned above? This is it. With this 20/20 quality guarantee, you can count on high-quality needles in every box of Stellar you get. That means zero throwaways. And if any of the needles don’t meet your expectations, replacement is guaranteed. So if you’re currently working with a brand where you can expect a few throwaways per box, Stellar can put an end to that annoying truth. You’ll have a peace of mind without breaking the bank–Stellar is competitively but reasonably priced, and ensured quality with a replacement guarantee is worth any extra money you might be paying (because NONE of your money will be going to trashed needles!)

Raise Your Bar for Sharpness and Durability

So… every brand that drops a new needle cartridge talks up the sharpness. You’ve heard it before. But Peak Stellar needles were developed alongside 150+ tattoo artists like Anrijs Straume, Isobel Morton, Timothy Boor, and so many more. They all attest to the razor-sharpness of these needles, comparing them or even saying they’re BETTER than famously sharp needles like Kwadron.

Crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, Stellar simply won’t start to dull even during your longest backpiece. Consequently, you can count on a consistent flow (more on flow below) and minimal trauma to your client’s skin with needles that stay razor-sharp. That means better-healed results and smoother tattooing overall.

Enhance Your Ink Flow

Stellar needle cartridge in a cartridge tattoo grip with red cohesive wrap

Get ready to amp up your color game with Peak Stellar’s smoother ink flow. Say hello to richer color transfers and faster-healed results. These cartridges are designed to minimize trauma to the skin, ensuring not only stunning artwork but also quicker healing times. Whether you’re into traditional, realism, or something in between, Peak Stellar has got you covered.

Tattoo Confidently with Ultimate Steadiness

Peak’s no stranger to giving you needles that negate side-to-side play. With the introduction of Triton a few years back, Peak introduced US-patented linear tech that set a whole new bar for steadiness. Stellar follows in the footsteps of Triton and eliminates wobbling, giving you a 100% steady, confident tattooing experience. This helps you pull your best lines in a single pass.

Identify Your Configurations at a Glance + Streamline Your Setup

Close-up of a color-coded backstem on a Peak needle cartridge

When it comes to needles, a pretty consistent complaint has been an overall demand for better configuration labeling. Seems like Peak has really taken that complaint to heart. The new Stellar needles not only meet that demand but surpass it. Each cartridge has:

  • On-needle labeling
  • Color-coded back-stems according to configuration
  • Revamped box labeling

So basically you can grab what you need without thinking about it. Just glance at the box or the cartridge or the back stem and you’ll know exactly what configurations you have on-hand. The revamped box labeling system also makes it much easier to organize your Stellar cartridges on your shelves by configuration and color.

Get Ready to Level Up with Stellar

We highly recommend giving these cartridges a try so you can join the 150+ artist who’ve already given them soaring reviews. If you don’t want to commit to a full box, Peak also offers specialty sample packs for you to take for a spin. Once you try ’em, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

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