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Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines & Professional Tattoo Equipment

The Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machine was built to very exacting specifications for precision artists who want to work with responsive machines they can control fully and easily. Cheyenne Hawk machines provide all the benefits of rotary tattoo machines, but without sacrificing the feedback response found with coil machines. Learn about the history of Cheyenne, the different models and supplementary equipment available, technical specifications, where to find helpful Cheyenne resources, and more in this article.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Tattoo Machine in Red, Orange, Purple, Gray, Black, & Other Color OptionsGerman-based professional tattoo equipment manufacturer Cheyenne is an industry leader whose tagline is “Respect Tradition, Revolutionize Technology”. It’s a mission that’s apparent in every piece of high-quality tattoo equipment Cheyenne produces. From their first rotary tattoo machine, the Hawk, to its successor, the Hawk Spirit, and beyond, every piece of tattoo equipment Cheyenne manufactures is on the cutting edge of tattooing technology. One thing never changes with the advent of each iteration, though, and that’s the company’s core focus of making top-of-the-line tattoo tools with a nod towards the tradition that first made their brand great.


The Beginning of Cheyenne’s Story

The Cheyenne Hawk’s story began with the establishment of a medium-sized family business based out of Berlin, Germany, called MT.DERM GmbH. The company’s first focus was on manufacturing extremely precise medical devices that laid the foundation for developing optimal manufacturing standards which later yielded high-end Cheyenne tattoo equipment. The company now uses the latest multi-tool CNC machines to manufacture all Cheyenne products, and they conduct strict quality control with each mounted device they create.

Cheyenne tattoo machines are constructed using modern CAD systems. CAD stands for computer-aided design and drafting (also referred to as CADD). CAD software replaces manual drafting with a computerized process for designing and documenting a wide range of architectural structures and electrical equipment alike, including tattoo machines like the Cheyenne Hawk and its subsequent iterations.

MT.DERM GmbH works closely with tattoo artists, designers and experienced testers to utilize an application-oriented development process that yields Cheyenne products that are confidently guaranteed. Before any Cheyenne product enters mass production, various prototypes undergo extensive testing and fine-tuning with the help of tattoo artists who use them in everyday applications and test them with pain-staking care.


The Birth & Benefits of the Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machine

Once MT.DERM GmbH perfected their tools and processes by integrating use of CAD software systems, implementing strict manufacturing standards and quality assurance testing procedures, and hiring experienced tattoo artists to advise and aid them in functional testing of their tattoo machine prototypes, they were positioned to start creating cutting-edge tattoo machines. Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Color EditionThe first of those machines was the Cheyenne Hawk, a tattoo machine built to very precise specifications for exacting tattoo artists who want to work with responsive machines that they can fully control with ease and rely on with complete confidence.

The Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machine provides all of the benefits of rotary tattoo machines, but without sacrificing the feedback response inherent in coil machines. It also avoids the compressor-related costs, maintenance and shipping concerns common with pneumatic devices. The Cheyenne Hawk will automatically adjust to any artistic movement, as well as to every working environment, whether you’re working from the comfort of your own shop, a guest shop or a tattoo convention.

Here are some of the top benefits the Cheyenne Hawk has to offer tattoo artists:

  • The Cheyenne Hawk is small, light and flexible. Take it anywhere, and assemble it quickly and easily.
  • It’s ergonomic handle fits comfortably in an artist’s hand, allowing the tool to be guided with extreme precision.
  • The Cheyenne Hawk produces low vibration levels and runs quite silently and smoothly.
  • The Hawk’s high sensitivity reacts directly to different skin types and is suitable for every skin area.
  • It’s high-level technology supports free artistic expression by adjusting to every artistic movement and environment.
  • The Hawk has a much higher puncture force and frequency than older traditional devices, but even so, Cheyenne cartridges ensure clean, gentle, low-impact punctures.
  • Needles are guided in the most precise way possible and they come in an ever-growing number of needle configurations and different-sized liners and shaders, which gives artists almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to individual design and form. The variety of liner sizes available ensures accurate, fine lines with a high level of color insertion.
  • The Hawk offers uncomplicated handling; the front of the machine can be easily tilted against the motor and the puncture depth can be set with little effort by turning at the grip.
  • Changing the machine from a liner to a shader is a quick and precise process–just click and turn!
  • The Hawk is synonymous with hygienic work, thanks to its quickly-interchangeable, disposable materials, which come in sterile packaging.
  • Contamination of the machine is out of the question, too, because the cartridges have their own integrated membranes that keep colors and wound fluids away from grips. Additionally, the needles simply disappear back into the safety cartridge whenever the machine is switched off. This allows artists to avoid handling contaminated needles.
  • The professional medical design of the Cheyenne Hawk grip and the removable front part allow for uncomplicated decontamination and cleaning without having to use ultrasonic or disinfecting processes with the help of an autoclave.

The Cheyenne Hawk is a true technical revolution in tattoo equipment. Innovation and the strong desire to meet customers’ most important needs are at the core of the tattoo equipment and other modern, high-tech products MT.DERM GmbH develops, and the Cheyenne Hawk is no exception. When it comes to the Cheyenne Hawk and its accessories, MT.DERM GmbH guarantees optimal operational use, ideal handling, and long product life above all else.Cheyenne Hawk Technical Diagram

Cheyenne Hawk Technical Specs

Here are some of the key technical specifications for the Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machine:

  • Device Type: Hawk Tattoo Machine
  • Needle Frequency: 50-150 Punctures per Second
  • Needle Amplitude: 3mm
  • Puncture Depth: 0-2.5mm
  • Drive: 12V DC Precision Motor
  • Nominal Voltage: 5-12V DC
  • Measurements: 110mm (4.33″) Wide x 75mm (2.95″) High x 25mm (0.98″) Deep
  • Weight: Approximately 110g (0.24 lbs.)
  • Connections: PU II or Standard Tattoo Power Supply

To learn more about the many facets of the finely-tuned Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machine, read over the Cheyenne Information PDF.


The Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Tattoo Machine

This updated model of the classic Cheyenne Hawk has effectively mastered technical challenges found during artists’ use of the original Hawk. Purple 22mm Cheyenne Hawk Grip SleeveResolutions to identified issues were incorporated into a new design through a process Cheyenne calls their “Continuous Improvement Process”. Developers and engineers now keep the Hawk Spirit tattoo machine under constant observation as well, and they work tirelessly to continue to make improvements where they’re needed. By regularly studying the Hawk Spirit in action, Cheyenne is able to react quickly and fix any possible defects identified, as well as take notes that lead to new additions to the Cheyenne line of tattoo machines over time. Tattoo artists’ feedback and the watchful eyes and constant testing by clever engineers and employees allow Cheyenne to continue making their top-of-the-line tattoo machines better and better every day.

What’s New About the Cheyenne Hawk Spirit

The Hawk Spirit now accommodates over 29 needle cartridges that give tattoo artists more range and make it easier for them to achieve any designs they can conceive. The cartridges are super simple to replace, and with a single movement, an appropriate cartridge can be added in to achieve any line and work every area of the body to create even the most unconventional tattoo designs. Additionally, the Hawk Spirit line inspired Cheyenne to produce a range of color options for the first time ever, so they now offer hand pieces in different colors to meet all tastes and occasions.


The Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Tattoo MachineCheyenne Thunder Black Tattoo Machine

The Cheyenne Hawk Thunder is all about power and making all tattooing styles and concepts a realistic possibility. This one machine provides the highest level of lining, shading and coloring in one convenient package; no changing machines to do line work versus filling and shading! It accommodates up to 37 needle cartridges for unlimited possibilities. The stroke has also been increased dramatically, too, and is now up to 4mm. The increased stroke combined with the rotational speed of the new drive in the Thunder and the optimized eccentric tappet provides very high speed and acceleration. The engine’s power reserves are used much more effectively and efficiently, too, which you can both feel and hear when using a Cheyenne Hawk Thunder tattoo machine.

There are a few things that haven’t changed with the advent of the Hawk Thunder tattoo machine. After all, why mess with greatness? That’s why the distinctive, ergonomic design of the machine, the versatile selection of needle cartridges for all concepts and styles, and the technical precision of these German-made tattoo machines are as high-quality and consistent as ever before.


Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Accessories

Cheyenne grips, cartridge systems, power units, cables, and other accessories are all available for Cheyenne Hawk users to complete tattoo artists’ experiences with these state-of-the-art machines. Learn a bit about what makes each of these supplemental parts so amazing in the sections below.

Cheyenne Grips

Cheyenne grips are lightweight and flexible, robust, and resistant to wear. Cheyenne Hawk GripsThey also allow for needle depth to be adjusted quickly, without interrupting the work process. Cheyenne grips come in two sizes to ensure that every tattoo artist can find one that fits their hand perfectly. They also come in a variety of colors to give you options that add will add a touch of your own personal style to your tattoo equipment.

The Cheyenne Cartridge System

Save time and serve more customers with Cheyenne’s innovative tattoo needle cartridge system (also available in discounted bulk packages). Cheyenne Hawk Needle CartridgesYou’ll no longer have to worry about the tedious task of putting together different units for a single customer or switching between liners and shaders. You can also take comfort in knowing that a legitimate Cheyenne cartridge is sterilized, made from single-use disposable material, and includes a safety membrane that prevents pigments from entering the motor while keeping germs, viruses and bacteria from passing through the membrane and into your client’s bloodstream. The tip of each Cheyenne Hawk cartridge is made from medical-grade plastic, too.

Cheyenne now offers 55 different needle cartridges to give you the biggest selection of hygienic, safe cartridges possible. Each cartridge has a wide variety of applications so you can make every one of your tattoo clients’ wishes come true. Plus, they can be easily changed whenever necessary.

Cheyenne Power Units

The Cheyenne Power Unit I (PU I) and the Power Unit II (PU II) were built specifically for use with the Cheyenne Hawk. Both are compact devices that are easy to transport, and the PU II accommodates up to two Cheyenne machines simultaneously. They’re digital devices with no turning or sliding controllers, making it easy to clean the surfaces of these tattoo power supply units.

Cheyenne Power Unit II Digital Tattoo Power SupplyPU II Tattoo Power Supply Technical Specs

Device Type: Tattoo Digital Control Unit PU II
Nominal Voltage: 5-12V DC
Power Consumption: 15VA
Measurements: 110mm (4.33″) Wide x 165mm (6.50″) High x 55mm (2.17″) Deep
Weight: 260g (0.57 lbs.)


Additional Cheyenne Hawk & Tattoo Equipment Resources

If you’re shopping for a new Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machine, grips, needle cartridges, power supplies, cables, or other certified accessories, visit our Cheyenne Hawk Machines section. We put an emphasis on “certified” Cheyenne products because there are a number of deceptive fakes on the market that can violate your warranty if any damage results from using knock-off accessories with your Cheyenne machine. You’re safe when you purchase Cheyenne supplies from Painful Pleasures, since we carry only certified Cheyenne products, but be wary if you purchase accessories elsewhere. Check out the video below to learn more about Cheyenne knock-offs and how to protect yourself from accidentally purchasing such products, which are often sold at too-good-to-be-true prices.Precision Tattoo Sleeves & Other Medical Disposables

For related supplies, such as tattoo practice skin, tattoo ink, ink cups and holders, and medical disposables like tape, Tatu-Derm, and grip covers, visit our Tattoo Supplies section.

Once you have your very own Cheyenne Hawk machine, you may also want to reference their helpful Cheyenne Hawk Maintenance Manual, which is available in PDF form. It contains detailed information in both English and German, along with useful diagrams and other illustrations. If you have questions about Cheyenne Hawk products not answered in the manual or if you just want to get other people’s opinions about Cheyenne’s quality products, review comments by our other community members or post your own questions in our forum.





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