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Cheyenne Compact Power Supply PU4

Cheyenne Compact Power Supply PU4


$299.99 $299.99 Pro Price
$299.99 $299.99 Pro Price
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    Compact PU4 Tattoo Power Supply for Use with Cheyenne SOL Tattoo Machines

    Always looking to optimize tattooing, Cheyenne developed the PU4 Compact Tattoo Power Supply in cooperation with top tattoo artists all over the world. This power supply was designed with ergonomics and utmost convenience in mind.

    For the first time ever, tattoo artists can use this power supply with their Cheyenne SOL tattoo machines and fully exploit the low frequency operation of the SOL family. This power supply has an output voltage of 4.7v up to 12.5v with 0.1v increments. Artists can view the stitch frequency on a standard numeric output voltage display or as a bar graph display. When used with a footswitch, the power supply offers two different modes: Latched Mode (continuous operation) and Momentary Mode. When in Latched Mode, the footswitch can be pressed on and off during tattoo procedures; in momentary mode, the footswitch must be pressed throughout the entire tattoo session.

    The Cheyenne Compact PU4 Tattoo Power Supply has a magnetic bottom and rear. It also comes with a clip-on stand. This allows for a customizable and versatile set-up. Additionally, the power supply offers a stopwatch for timing tattoo procedures.

    While the Cheyenne PU4 Power Supply was specially designed for SOL tattoo machines, artists can also use this power supply with other tattoo machines by other manufacturers; a separately purchased adapter cable is required for this functionality.


    • Net weight: 150g
    • Dimensions: ~87mm (L) x 76mm (W) x 28mm (D)
    • Ergonomic and compact power supply
    • Designed for Cheyenne SOL-family tattoo machines; intuitive operation
    • Two operation modes: Latched (continuous) and Momentary
    • Power Input: 10w max
    • Output Voltage: 4.7v–12.5v in 0.1v increments; 30 steps; ~0.26v increments per step
    • Option for standard voltage display or bar graph voltage display
    • Comes with convenient stopwatch for timing tattoo sessions
    • Integrated clip-on stand and magnetic attachments allow for versatile set-up
    • Can be used with other tattoo machines; adapter not included with purchase
    • Manufactured in Berlin, Germany; certified Cheyenne professional tattoo equipment

    Cheyenne Resources:

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    Product Weight: 1.6887 lb

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