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Surgical Steel Labret Studs

Our steel labret studs are made from 316L surgical stainless steel. Some of our surgical steel labret studs are made from solid steel, while others have steel shafts and decorative ends made of other materials, like acrylic balls and 14k gold stars. Choose from surgical steel lip loop labret rings, traditional disc-back steel labrets, steel fishtail labret jewelry, and other surgical steel labret studs. Each steel labret stud is precision-machined, hand-polished, perfectly threaded, and 100% guaranteed.

Basic Piercing Stainless Steel Labrets

The steel labret studs in our Basic Body Jewelry collection are all made from the highest-quality 316L implant-grade stainless steel. These steel labrets are also internally threaded to minimize trauma to a new piercing upon insertion. When you use our basic piercing stainless steel labrets for your clients' new piercings, they're more likely to heal fully and well than if you'd used lesser-quality labret studs. Choose from labret jewelry in a variety of lengths, gauges and styles. We even offer a selection of labrets with longer posts that are intended for use as cheek piercing starter jewelry.